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Breakthrough Start 2020



Dear Families,

We will be delivering an update to you each week about the start of the school year and what you can expect as a Breakthrough family! This week, we put together a short video so that I could talk with you about the key priorities for our remote learning program:

Live Interaction: We are *so* excited that we have developed a way for your scholar to learn directly from their teacher, with *live* instruction and interaction! This is going to be a complete shift from earlier remote learning in the spring, and we feel it is going to be a wonderful improvement and experience for your scholar (and for our teachers!). We will also have recorded lessons if you need to engage with a particular lesson at a different time, or simply want to work through additional content.

Ease of Logistics For Families: This is huge for us. We want to make the logistics of School At Home as easy as possible given the situation, and we have invested in an amazing Learning Management System that is going to make the experience of School At Home much easier. This single platform approach will allow scholars to log-in to one program for their learning needs, and it will make it far easier for families to keep tabs on student learning and progress. Everything will happen through this single new portal!

Innovative Extracurriculars: We know that there is so much more to school than academic learning, and we are prioritizing making sure extracurriculars are a major part of this school year! From art classes to science experiments to crew and community meetings, we will be making sure this school year is well-rounded, engaging, and exciting! We are so excited to roll out our full range of extracurriculars over the next few weeks.

I am grateful for our collective early decision at Breakthrough to do learning remotely to start this year, because we have had the time and opportunity to build out a truly wonderful learning experience for your child. Stay tuned for next week’s update, which will include information about family and scholar supports of all kinds!

With respect and gratitude,

BPS Andrew McRae

Andrew McRae

Chief Academic Officer



What is the cost to attend?

Every Breakthrough school is 100% free, public, and open to all students.

Who is eligible to attend?

Any student in Ohio entering Kindergarten through 8th grade is eligible to attend!

Where are your schools?

We have seven physical campuses, all in Cleveland. Click here to see them all and choose the one best for you!

When does school start?

This year, school will start on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020.

Will School Start Remotely?

Yes, we will start the school year fully remote, with the ability to transition to in-person learning if and when health and safety permits.

How do I enroll my child?

You can can enroll over the phone (216 367 5720), or you can enroll online right away! The enrollment process takes about 20 minutes.

"One thing I noticed about distance learning, is that it is preparing our kids for college, where they are going to have to take online classes, which was a challenge for me... and now this is something our kids will have experience in."

Latosha Love

Breakthrough Parent


Weekly Family Communication

JULY 30th, 2020 Dear Breakthrough Parents & Families, My name is Andrew McRae, and I am the Chief Academic Officer here at Breakthrough Public Schools. As we prepare for the upcoming school year, I will be providing you with a personal update each week on our latest plans and progress regarding our return to learning…

Video Gallery

We work together, and are ready for anything that comes our way. Please enjoy these videos to get a sense of what it is like to be a member of the #BreakthroughFamily.

More About Our Schools


Our Citizens founding schools include our National Blue Ribbon Award-Winning elementary school Citizens Academy and our MOMENTUM Award-Winning middle school Citizens Leadership Academy. A very short drive between elementary and middle school, our founding schools provide a space for your child to thrive from pre-K through 8th grade.

Citizens Academy

Openings in K-5
10118 Hampden Ave. in Glenville
Near East Blvd. & Superior

Citizens Leadership Academy

Openings in 6-8
9711 Lamont Ave in University Circle
Near E 97 & Chester


12523 Woodside Ave. in Glenville
Near E. 125th & Eddy

We opened our Citizens East Campus due to strong community demand and support. Here, both our elementary school Citizens Academy East (CAE) and our middle school Citizens Leadership Academy East (CLAE) are located in the same building.


15700 Lotus Drive
Near Lee & Harvard

Our Citizens Southeast Campus is our newest campus, growing to serve students in Grades K-8. Located in the Lee-Harvard neighborhood, our Southeast Campus is honored to serve scholars from Cleveland and the surrounding neighborhoods.


1417 E. 36th St in Asiatown
Between Superior & St Clair

Our founding E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs campus opened in 2006, and serves students in grades K-8. Our "Preparatory" schools feature a highly structured, joyful environment with energizing routines and tremendous rigor.


9201 Crane Avenue
E 93rd & Union

Our founding E Prep & Village Prep Woodland Hills is our second Preparatory campus, serving students in grades K-8. Our "Preparatory" schools feature a highly structured, joyful environment with energizing routines and tremendous rigor. Woodland Hills is especially helpful in students make multiple years of academic progress in just one year.


9401 Willard Ave.
Cleveland 44102

Preps Willard is our newest E Prep & Village Prep campus, serving students in grades K-8. Our first west side Preparatory Campus, Preps Willard is an exciting, diverse, multicultural learning environment featuring high structure, high energy, and academic rigor.