Breakthrough Results

Our Results

Due to COVID pandemic, no new testing data will be widely available this year

Combining shared principles at our educator-led schools, Breakthrough is able to deliver a portfolio of unique, effective educational options to the ClevelandĀ community. This nationally innovative approach is working.

In the last comprehensive national study, our schools were recently ranked highlyĀ among 277 public school networks studied nationwide by CREDO at Stanford University.

High School Placement

Last year, our 8th grade graduates received over $1 million in scholarships to top private high schools including Hawken, University School, Laurel, and Saint Ignatius. Our graduates routinely earn acceptance into top public and private college prep high schools including all of the CMSD college prep high schools such as MC2 STEM and John Hay Early College, Science and Medicine, and Architecture & Design.

Breakthrough ranked #1 in Ohio by Stanford University 2017 study

Our Results in Action