Inclement Weather

Everything you need to know about inclement weather
at Breakthrough Public Schools

Winter in Cleveland has joined us, and with that comes inclement weather and important updates about school closures at Breakthrough Public Schools. Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions about snow days and inclement weather school closures.

How will I find out my child’s school is closed?

When all schools are closed, parents and caregivers will be notified via our Remind app, which means a text message for most families. Ensure your family contact information, including cell phone, is updated at your child’s school. School closure information will be posted on our website and social media platforms and shared with local television networks.

We would rarely delay the start of school or send students home early due to the weather. However, if we did, we would notify families similarly (via Remind).

When will I find out that my child’s closed?

You will be notified when all schools are closed as soon as possible. Our goal is to let families know by the time they need to leave home for the bus stop, which could be as early as 5:30 AM.

Who decides to close schools?

As almost all CMSD-sponsored schools serve Cleveland scholars predominantly, we will look to the policies of CMSD regarding BPS school and home office closures on inclement weather days. We will only follow CMSD’s decisions on school and administrative office closures for weather-related reasons. School leaders do not influence closure decisions so that any questions can be addressed to the Head of Schools or Chief Operating Officer.

If there is an issue at one specific campus only (for example, the heat does not work), there may be circumstances when one building closes, but the rest of the Breakthrough schools remain open. In that case, we would communicate directly with the families of the impacted school only and indicate that the closure applies to one school only.

 What are acceptable reasons?

  • Absolute temperature;
  • Wind chill temperature (a wind chill temperature of minus 15 degrees as forecast by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the National Weather Service for the Cleveland NOAA);
  • Precipitation (freezing rain or sleet; ice on the ground);
  • 5-10 inches of snow on the ground;
  • 3 or more inches of snow overnight on top of existing snow;
  • Visibility (less than 50 feet);
  • Street or sidewalk conditions (icy or deep snow) or city advisories (airport, travel, or street “advisory” or “warning” issued by city or weather services).

Will after-school, before-school, or weekend activities be canceled?

After-school activities are canceled when all schools are closed or students are sent home early. Activities are canceled at individual or group schools if those schools are closed. Before-school activities are canceled when all schools, one school, or a group are closed or delayed. Weekend activities will be judged on a day-to-day basis.

How will I be notified if weekend events are canceled or will be held?

Parents and caregivers will be notified via our Remind system, which means a text message for most families.

Do I have to be told that my child is being sent home?

Parental notification is required for early dismissal of a student under 18 years old as such, all parents and emergency contacts will be contacted and advised of the early dismissal.

Do school employees still go to work when schools are closed, or is my child sent home?

If schools are closed for weather, school-based employees are not expected to report to school in person. If children are sent home early, all employees are expected to remain at work until all students are picked up and they are dismissed by their supervisor or at regular release time, whichever is earlier. If CMSD closes its administrative offices, the BPS home office will close. If not, our home office will remain open, but all staff will have the flexibility to work remotely.

Is my child expected to participate in remote learning when schools are closed?

At this time, inclement weather days will be inclement weather days - there will be no instruction regardless of a school’s current instructional modality. This may change in the future.