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Who ESE Serves


Student Services Guiding Principles

Equity is at the center of our work; we are motivated to provide our scholars with the highest caliber free public education possible through a lens of inclusion, high standards, dignity, anti-racist practices, and compassion.

We provide student support services that promote the development of the whole student from entry to progress to completion. We are committed to providing streamlined services that remove barriers for students of all abilities and ages, with a special focus on students of color. Our learning communities will:

• Engage a whole-child approach, fostering students’ physical and socio-emotional well-being
• Emphasize grade-level content mastery for ALL students
• Provide timely, data-driven, and empowering support
• Encourage scholars to understand their strengths and advocate for their learning differences
• Inspire students to be lifelong learners by nurturing their unique backgrounds, strengths, and abilities

Family Supports (led by our Special Education teachers, Deans of Culture, and social workers/counselors):

Wellness Checks

Intervention Specialist Check-Ins

Self-Directed Learning

Synchronous Supports

Virtual Call Center


We believe that a robust exceptional student education program directly aligns to our commitment to and celebration of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In service of this same commitment, we prioritize inclusion (within the classroom) for our support services. 

At Breakthrough, we provide the following student-focused and goal-driven support services:

  • English as a New Language (ENL) support
  • Counseling
  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Hearing services
  • Nursing services

We also provided the following continuum of services for students with a disability that require special education: co-teaching in the general education setting, small group instruction and Extension Classrooms (full-time small group instruction).

Extension Classrooms are provided at the Prep Cliffs, Prep Woodland Hills and Citizens Glenville campuses.


Our Response to Intervention (RTI) program

  1. Connects our support services to meaningful student achievement in the classroom
  2. Ensures a meaningful transition for any new students to the Breakthrough family
  3. Supplements our classroom curriculum with I-ready
  4. Supports all students to reach and exceed grade-level literacy and math proficiency

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