Transformative schools require transformative leadership.

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At Breakthrough Public Schools, the impact starts at the leadership level.  A Breakthrough Leader is committed to driving anti-racist, equitable, and inclusive practices and embracing their role in creating systemic change. They care personally, challenge directly, and, most importantly, remain humbly driven toward their development to grow stronger as a leader.


What do leadership opportunities look like at Breakthrough?

Our school leadership teams are comprised of:

  • Principals - The Principal is the leader of the school and is responsible for the educators and scholars under their care. Ultimately, they lead the vision of the school toward transformational outcomes for scholars.
  • Directors of Operations - The Director of Operations is responsible for all non-academic functions, processes, and protocols within the school to keep it running efficiently and effectively. Directors of Operations ensure that educators and scholars have everything they need every school day to succeed.
  • Deans of Instruction - The Deans of Instruction are responsible for the implementation of curriculum, professional development of teachers, and academic student outcomes for the school. Deans of Instruction observe and coach teachers to effectively plan and deliver instruction, coordinate and analyze assessments, and serve in a school leadership capacity on a day-to-day basis.
  • Deans of Culture - The Deans of Culture are responsible for shaping schoolwide and classroom culture, upholding the code of conduct, and providing coaching for educators and students to drive strong school outcomes. Deans of Culture observe and coach teachers to effectively manage their classrooms, engage and reflect with scholars, and connect with families to ensure the school is a safe learning environment for all.
  • Social Workers and Counselors - Social Workers and Counselors are responsible for supporting scholars to develop social-emotional skills, connect them with mental health services, and provide families with access to community resources and opportunities. Social Workers and Counselors provide individualized intervention for scholars so they can be their best selves each day.

Why lead at Breakthrough?


Make a real impact.

Our leaders are proximal to teachers and scholars. They aren't stowed away in back offices. Our leaders are in classrooms and hallways, making a difference each day to impact the lives of educators and scholars in meaningful ways.


Lead with others.

At Breakthrough, we have built communities of leaders across our network. Principals, Deans, Directors of Operations, and Social Workers/Counselors can collaborate with similar leaders within the network to share ideas, seek thought partnerships, and align on best practices.


Get better.

Often, professional development is ignored at the leadership level. At Breakthrough, we make a concerted effort to develop leaders in their current roles - and prepare them to rise into greater leadership roles.

A Word From Our Leaders

Who are we looking for?

You deeply believe in ensuring educational equity and addressing the opportunity gap in schools predominantly serving students of color.

You have meaningful school experience and expertise that has resulted in significant positive outcomes for students. You have a strong lens for instructional excellence and building inclusive classroom culture.

You lead with a purpose and a passion that is both inspiring and contagious. Your words, actions, and values motivate those around you to do the meaningful work our students deserve.

You believe everyone can grow and develop - working relentlessly to coach and support educators and students.

You build a sense of belongingness and connectedness within the communities you impact.


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