Enrolling at Breakthrough

We would love to welcome your family to the Breakthrough community.


Spring Open House

5:30p to 6:30p, Various Days

May 9th, 16th, 23rd


Open Enrollment is happening now!

Starts February 10, 2024

Ends May 31, 2024

Foundational Skills for a Choice-Filled Life

Our goal is to help scholars live a choice-filled life, and from day 1, your child will develop skills that they'll use for the rest of their life through a robust and literacy-focused curriculum. Our culture extends beyond the classroom, and our teachers, staff, families, and scholars come together as pillars of our community - a place where everyone feels welcome and uplifted.


Joyful, Engaging Learning

 Our teachers, school leaders, and support staff are committed to providing every scholar with personalized learning opportunities while tending to their physical, social, and emotional needs. Our high-quality curriculum combines the best traditional learning approaches with the latest technology and exposure to rich content like music, art, dance, and more. Our two learning labs empower scholars with tech-forward learning experiences such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing, and much more.

Everyone learns here!

Our scholars receive personalized, individual instruction tailored to their needs and learning style. Each kindergarten through 2nd-grade classroom has two teachers to make learning individualized and joyful.

We’ve also expanded our Student Services program to include expanded support for multilingual learners, learners with IEPs, and more.


Success in Life

We are wholeheartedly committed to your child's success in life! We'll warmly welcome you on that first day of kindergarten, be there for your college graduation, and beyond, offering support and encouragement every step of the way.

Our Beyond Breakthrough Alumni Success Team helps graduates by providing ongoing support and assistance with applying to college, finding scholarship opportunities, advice and mentorship, and much more. We offer a network of support for graduates navigating higher education, career exploration, and investing in our community.