About Breakthrough

Breakthrough Public Schools is one of the highest-performing networks of free public charter schools in Ohio.

Our nationally recognized network of schools was formed in 2010 by the highest-performing, college preparatory, nonprofit public charter schools in Cleveland.  We currently have five campuses serving nearly 3,600 students throughout the city, with campuses in Glenville, St Clair - Superior, Lee Harvard, Union Miles, and Cudell.


Our mission is to develop a growing network of distinctive school options that prepare Cleveland area students for success in life. Breakthrough has been recognized as the top-performing network of K-8 schools in Cleveland, honored by local, state, and national organizations for excellence in teaching, leadership, and student achievement.


Our long-term vision is to further Greater Cleveland’s transformation by providing distinctive school options to thousands of Cleveland's K-8 students. In partnership with CMSD and others, our work will help the city reach a tipping point toward providing a high-quality education for all.

Breakthrough Values

We work hard every day to support quality education in Cleveland. As we strive for excellence...

We do what’s best for kids.

We help each other grow.

We embrace our diversity.

We tell the truth.

We stand together.