Breakthrough Leadership

The Breakthrough Leadership Team is responsible for ensuring our network of schools is providing a sustainable, high-quality, college preparatory education to all our students. Comprised of leaders from throughout our network of schools, the Breakthrough Leadership Team works together to address our network's short-term and long-term strategic challenges and opportunities. The Breakthrough Leadership Team includes:

Network Leadership

Alan Rosskamm
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew McRae
Chief Academic Officer

Diana Harrison
Chief Talent Officer

Tyler Thornton
Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Wernet
Chief Information Officer

Citizens Schools

John Monteleone
Model Education Leader, Citizens Elementary Schools

Megan Johnston
Senior Managing Director of Operations, Citizens Schools

Preparatory Schools

John McBride
Model Education Leader, K-8 Preparatory Schools

Hana Halleen
Model Operations Leader, K-8 Preparatory Schools

Friends of Breakthrough

John Zitzner
President of Friends of Breakthrough

Susan Ertle
Executive Director, Friends of Breakthrough