Where will you thrive?

With distinct educational approaches and campuses throughout the city, we offer educators a unique opportunity to grow and thrive. Which school will be best for you?

"Breakthrough Schools offers the opportunity to work with some of the most dynamic, driven, and committed educators and support staff in the state."

− Cory Hylton, Operations Manager at E Prep Cliffs Campus

"Being a part of this successful network of schools makes me extraordinarily proud. Knowing the difference that we are making here in Cleveland, and the daily growth I see from my scholars is so rewarding and powerful."

- Kristin Williams, 7th Grade Humanities Teacher, Citizens Leadership Academy

We’re On A Mission

In our city, thousands of kids don’t have access to a great, free school - yet. Since 2009, our small and growing group of dedicated educators and business leaders, with a tremendous amount of community support, has been working day in and day out to change that. A lot has happened since then. We have partnered up with our local city school district, gained some major national support, and most importantly have grown into a thriving network of 11 schools serving nearly 3,300 students.

Student Performance, Breakthrough Schools


Student Performance, All K-8 Schools in Cleveland


All results from latest Ohio Department of Education Report (September 2016)


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Outstanding Educators

We’re on our way to serving 5,000+ students across Cleveland. We’re looking for people like you to help us get there. Passionate, smart, motivated, driven, and hard-working educators, managers, and leaders who care a ton about kids.

Meet Your Future Colleagues


Chandra Johnson

3rd Grade Title Teacher, Citizens Academy & CUTR Graduate

I think that every teacher loves what they do, I know I do. The icing on the cake is having the ability to do it at a school that is full of teachers where it shows. Every person in this building cares about our students and that is sets CA and Breakthrough apart.

Cory Hylton

Cory Hylton

Operations Manager, E Prep Cliffs Campus

My belief is that both students and teachers are looking for and deserve an educational program that is tailored to support their needs by leveraging their strengths and providing opportunities to continually improve their performance. Breakthrough provides that chance.

Where will you thrive?

What makes Breakthrough unique? Students thrive in different settings, and that teachers thrive in different settings. Because of this, Breakthrough's schools offer distinct educational approaches to students, families, teachers, and community members. Each school is part of one of these exciting, proven, effective school models.



Citizens Leadership


Are You Ready For This?

We’re growing, we’re hiring, and we need the best talent for our students. Is that you? If so, let’s get started. We have a quote hanging on our wall, and we believe it: “This is your world. Shape it or someone else will.” Let’s do this, together.