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Breakthrough Family Update – May 2020

By Breakthrough Schools | May 11, 2020

Dear Breakthrough Families,   My name is Andrew McRae, and I am the new Chief Academic Officer at Breakthrough Schools. Before the school year dramatically changed, we had some great plans to come and meet with all of you this spring at each of our campuses to share some really exciting updates. Then, well, we…

Ready Set Go 2020: Week 4

By Breakthrough Schools | April 30, 2020

School may be out, but Breakthrough Schools are still in session. We’ve launched Online Distance learning for K-8 scholars, are providing Chromebooks and iPads for free to families, and are doing our best to continue to give our students a top-rated education.  Like many of our families you may be helping your children to do…

Ready Set Go 2020: Week 3

By Breakthrough Schools | April 20, 2020

Hello, I recently read an article that started with a question: Do you begin your day with an endless to-do list or acknowledging what is working well?  The article went on to say, that we can focus our attention on the things that are within our control rather than on circumstances and events we cannot…

A is for Asynchronous

By Breakthrough Schools | April 17, 2020

Chris O’Brien Managing Director of Schools “And isn’t it ironic? Don’t ya think?” – Alanis Morrisette A decade after those lyrics rang out over the airways, we find ourselves in a state of urgent educational irony and the clock is running on us all to adapt. Educators need to learn and learn quickly. The stakes…

Ready Set Go 2020: Week 2

By Breakthrough Schools | April 8, 2020

Hello, We have been staying at home and staying apart together for several weeks and we still have several weeks to go.  This has been an unusual and for some students even a scary time.  Figuring out what to do and how to navigate this hopefully temporary and new normal can be challenging.  In this…

Distance Learning Update!

By Breakthrough Schools | April 8, 2020

Hello Families! We officially launch our new Distance Learning Portal this morning!! We are using Google Classroom to do virtual “school”. This week is all about getting oriented. Lessons will be posted on Monday and due each Friday. Scholars will get feedback and have touchpoints from their teacher throughout each week. If you haven’t received…

Meaden & Moore

By Breakthrough Schools | April 2, 2020

Updated Food Pickup Schedule: Tuesday 3/31 and Thursday 4/2

By Breakthrough Schools | March 28, 2020

An important update regarding food pickup this week! We’re trying a new approach that will reduce the number of trips you have to make. You will be able to pick up a FIVE DAY SUPPLY of meals on Tues & Thurs! Here is the new food pickup schedule for the week: NEW FOOD PICKUP SCHEDULE…

Ready Set Go 2020: Week 1

By Breakthrough Schools | March 24, 2020

Hello Families! I want to welcome you and your scholar(s) to Breakthrough Schools.  We are so excited for your student to join us for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year! Between now and the first day of school in August, there will be several opportunities for you to get to know your new school better, meet…