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Semper Virens

By Breakthrough Schools | March 16, 2018

CLA Alumni Earns Spot in Groundbreaking New Fellowship Program at Cleveland Institute of Music

By Breakthrough Schools | September 22, 2017

Groundbreaking talent development program open to minority classical music students in grades 7-9 Launched with leadership support from the Cleveland Foundation and George Gund Foundation September 21, 2017 – The Cleveland Institute of Music announced today that guitarist Damian Goggans and cellist Evan Rowland-Seymour were selected as the inaugural class of its Minority Artist Fellowship…

Breakthrough ranks among top public charter school networks nationwide

By Breakthrough Schools | June 14, 2017

CREDO at Stanford University just released the results from its in-depth analysis of 283 school networks nationwide. Breakthrough Schools in Cleveland, Ohio is ranked #10 nationally in reading and #13 nationally in math. Using sophisticated multi-year analysis, CREDO is able to determine how well students perform academically compared to their peers in neighboring schools. The impact of…

National charter school leaders oppose Trump’s education budget

By Breakthrough Schools | March 29, 2017

Originally published on CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Breakthrough charter schools here in Cleveland today joined a group of 20 high-scoring charter school operators in opposing President Donald Trump’s education budget. Though charter schools would receive $168 million more money through Trump’s plan, they school leaders oppose cuts in federal support to traditional school districts. “We…

CLA 6th Graders Displayed Their Graphic Novels At An “Inventors’ Fair”

By Terrance Reynolds | March 15, 2017

CLA sixth graders displayed their graphic novels at an “inventors’ fair” and staff, families, and seventh- and eighth-grade students enjoyed learning from them! Next they’ll share their work at Citizens Academy and E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs Campus.

We Can Code IT: Interest Night

By Terrance Reynolds | March 15, 2017

WE CAN CODE IT Interest On Thursday, March 16th, we are working collaboratively with We Can Code IT to host our second interest night for families who want to explore a future career in coding. What: We Can Code IT is a coding academy that helps people learn how to code and get lucrative jobs…

Students Learn To Code Using Lego Robotics

By Terrance Reynolds | March 10, 2017

A little lego robotics to round out the week at Citizens Academy East. This week students wrapped up the code to start making the robot move in different directions.

Eden: “The Citizen Academy Way” — Why a Cleveland Charter Succeeds in a Failure Zone

By Terrance Reynolds | January 31, 2017

When Staci Pratt, a math instruction specialist, came to Citizens Academy in 2003, the one proficient math student had just transferred out. But after more than a decade of hard work by Pratt and her colleagues, CA now boasts an 88 percent proficiency rate, serves more than 400 students and has spun off two sister…

Vote For Issue 108

Support Issue 108 and High Quality Education in Cleveland

By Breakthrough Schools | October 2, 2016

As recently reported on, we wanted to share about Issue 108 and why it’s important not only for Breakthrough Schools, but for quality public education in Cleveland. CLEVELAND.COM Here’s why it’s in every Cleveland citizen’s interest to vote “Yes” on Issue 108 to renew the Cleveland school-reform levy: *School reforms are working. Just a few years into…