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My Hope Is That All Cleveland Kids Can Benefit From a Quality Education Like I Did

By Terrance Reynolds | May 14, 2016

LETTERS FROM ALUMNI SERIES, 2016 TERRANCE REYNOLDS, E PREP CLIFFS ALUMNI I am writing to tell you a little bit about where I am in life now thanks to the education I received at Breakthrough Schools. I was born and raised in Cleveland. Before going to Breakthrough, I attended several other primary schools but did…

New Campus coming to Cudell neighborhood coming soon!

By Breakthrough Schools | February 16, 2016

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The highly successful Breakthrough charter school partnership plans to open new versions of its Village Prep and E-Prep schools on the West Side over the next two years. The Cleveland school board gave initial approval last week for a new Village Prep to start in the fall at the old Willard school at…

Cleveland Browns owners pledge $10M donation to Breakthrough Schools!

By Breakthrough Schools | December 30, 2015

VIA CLEVELAND.COM CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland Browns owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam are giving $10 million to the Breakthrough charter schools to add more schools in the city. The donation is the largest in the history of the 11-school partnership that is widely considered to be the strongest charter school network in the state. It’s…

Alumni Blog: Why I Fell in Love With Tokyo, Japan

By Terrance Reynolds | November 12, 2015

FROM OUR ALUMNI SERIES, Terrance Reynolds Last weekend I visited Tokyo, Japan and I immediately fell in love with the city, it’s people, and their culture. There is no other place in the world I rather visit. For those five days, it was like I was living a dream. It’s a place that inspired my childhood,…

Alumni Blog: The Journey of A Lifetime to The Philippines

By Terrance Reynolds | October 7, 2015

One of our alums, Terrance Reynolds, is blogging during his study abroad in Hong Kong. This is the second installment from his journey.   TERRANCE REYNOLDS / OCT 7, 2015 I was first approached to go to the Philippines by a group of exchange students I barely knew. With a few extra dollars in my…

Study Abroad in Hong Kong: Week 1

By Terrance Reynolds | September 21, 2015

BY TERRANCE REYNOLDS // SEPTEMBER 2015 Last week I embarked on the most exciting adventure of my life. After 22 hours on the plane I arrived in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. Through an exchange program provided by Ohio University, I’m studying business and marketing at Hong Kong Baptist University. Before classes started I…

Don Shalvey of Gates Foundation Visits #CLE

By Breakthrough Schools | August 27, 2015

Many thanks to Don Shalvey of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and founder of Aspire Schools for making the trip to Cleveland, and for the thoughtful words. As reported on today: CLEVELAND, Ohio – Charter schools and school districts are “unlikely allies,” but can combine to give students better opportunities, a key advisor…

Photo of John Zitner

John Zitzner Received the 2015 Homer Wadsworth Award

By Terrance Reynolds | June 9, 2015

Friends of Breakthrough Schools President, John Zitzner was awarded the prestigious 2015 Homer C. Wadsworth Award by The Cleveland Foundation. The honor is given annually to local leaders who demonstrates high-levels of creativity, ingenuity, risk-taking, and of course, good humor. The award was presented by The Cleveland Foundation on June 3, 2015, at The Cleveland Foundation annual meeting. Congratulations to John,…

Congratulations to All Our 8th Grade Graduates

By Terrance Reynolds | June 9, 2015

We are proud of our Breakthrough Schools class of 2023, 8th graders. Our students will be preparing this summer as they begin their transition to high school, and soon college. They attending a variety of high performing listed below: Bard Early College Beaumont Benedictine Cleveland Central Catholic Cleveland High School for Digital Arts Cleveland School of the Arts…