It’s Touchdown for BPS Flag Football

For BPS students and staff, Saturday, December 16th was the day they had all been waiting for — the first day of Christmas Break 2023! But while most were snug in their beds, a few third- and fourth-grade scholars were buzzing with excitement as their parents dropped them off to E Prep Cliffs for a special adventure!

BPS Flag Football players, coaches, and chaperones prepare for an exciting day!

After completing a successful season of flag football, 39 third and fourth grade scholars, representing the four participating campuses, were treated to a free excursion to the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum in Canton, Ohio. The tickets were courtesy of a special partnership forged between Positive Youth Initiative (PYI) founder, Lenon Allison, Jr., and the Baptist Ministers Conference of Cleveland and Vicinity, led by Dr. Leonard King. Aboard buses provided by BPS, the 39 flag footballers were accompanied by five coaches along with six parents and chaperones.

The entourage spent the first day of Christmas Break touring the museum and enjoying the exhibits. They explored the museum for four hours and paused for a photo in front of the Flag Football exhibit. (BPS flag football players at NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame Museum in Canton, Ohio)

Above all, it was an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate our BPS flag football players in a wonderful and exciting way!