Academic Excellence, Responsible Citizenship

Welcome to Citizens Academy, our founding campus. Citizens Academy opened in 1999 and is currently one of the highest-rated elementary schools in the state of Ohio. Named a Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education in 2011, Citizens Academy is a proud leader in high-quality public school education.

Central to our success is our high expectations for everyone in our school: students, staff, leaders, board members, and everyone else in the Citizens community. Our no-excuses, virtues-centered school culture affords students the opportunity to excel, not only as students but as citizens.

Our Mission

The mission of Citizens Academy is to produce learners who exemplify academic excellence and responsible citizenship.

Our Values

Our seven virtues are responsibility, respect, perseverance, honesty, generosity, courage, and loyalty.

Our Approach

Virtues like responsibility and perseverance are key to our students’ success. They achieve academic excellence while learning to become responsible citizens.

Meet a Citizens Academy scholar!

Unique Programs

Ability-based academic blocks with smaller class sizes, home visits, extended school day, kindergarten readiness summer program, enrichment programming.

After-School Activities

A variety of activities generally changing every 6 weeks; activities have included martial arts, a variety of dance, and cheerleading.

Getting Here

Citizens Academy is located at 10118 Hampden Ave in Cleveland. We are near East Boulevard and MLK Jr Boulevard, as well as near E 105th & Superior.