Purchasing Schoolbelles Uniforms

Uniform Ordering for SY 24-25 opens May 6, 2024

Preps K-8


Grades K-4: Royal Blue Schoolbelles Polo
Grades 5-7: Green Schoolbelles Polo
Grade 8: Black Schoolbelles Polo

Black pants/slacks, jumpers or skirts

Shoes: Black shoes

Citizens K-4


Grades K-4:Navy Blue or Gold Schoolbelles Polo

Navy blue or khaki pants, jumpers, skirts or shorts

Shoes: Any closed-toe shoe

Citizens Leadership 5-8


Grades 5-8: Purple or Black Schoolbelles Polo

Bottoms: Khaki pants, jumpers, skirts or shorts

Shoes: Any closed-toe shoe

School uniform bottoms and shoes do not need to be purchased from a specific vendor. Please review your school handbook for more details regarding the full uniform policy.

How to Purchase

Option 1 - Purchase from Front Office

Families will have the option to purchase uniforms from the school front office between May 6th and July 10th. Orders placed this way will not be charged shipping costs.  **After July 10, 2024 all orders must be purchased via Option 2 or 3.**

Option 2 - Purchase In-Store

Please call for current store hours!

Schoolbelles - West
4747 West 160th St.
Cleveland, OH 44135
Phone: 216-898-5500

Schoolbelles - East
468 Richmond Rd. Suite E
Richmond Heights, OH 44143
Phone: 216-291-0568

Please note, prices are $1 more per shirt when you order online or in-store! Take advantage of the pre-order window today!

Option 3 - Purchase Online

1. Click your campus below and register for an account.

2. You must be logged in (registered) to the site to see accurate pricing. If you go to the website and do not log in, the cost is double.

Campus School Code
Prep Cliffs (VPC and EPC) 2508
Prep Woodland Hills (VPWH and EPWH) 2510
Prep Willard (VPW and EPW) 2698
Citizens Glenville (CAG and CLAG) 2742
Citizens Southeast (CAS and CLAS) 2743