It’s Time: Early Enrollment is Now Open!

Don’t wait! Get a head start on enrollment early to save time, and ensure that your child has a spot for the 2021-22 school year!

Early Enrollment for New Families

Are you a new family looking to enroll at Breakthrough for the first time? Click below for all enrollment details.

Renrollment for Current Families

Are you a current family looking to reenroll your scholar for next year? Click below for reenrollment details.

Early Enrollment Closes In:


January 4th to February 5th, 2021

This year, we have a limited number of seats available, and enrolling early gives you a chance to skip the line, and secure a place for your scholar for the upcoming year. 

The earlier you enroll, the earlier we can welcome you into the Breakthrough community! Plus, it’s one less thing to worry about come fall!

Ready to Get Started?

Click below to begin your early enrollment application today!

Why Enroll Early? 

  • With limited spaces available, enrolling early is the best way to get in
  • Families who enroll early are able to ensure that there is space for all of their children at the same school.
  • The sooner you enroll, the more time you have to meet your teacher and learn what school is like.
  • Your teacher and our Breakthrough staff are able to get to know your family, your scholar, and their individual needs. For example, if your child has an IEP, we’ll have more time to prepare so that everything is ready come the first day of school.
  • Save time by increasing the chances that all of your children are able to attend the same campus, which means just one pick up and drop off location for your children.
  • Set your scholar up for a seamless transition from elementary school to middle school, since they’ll already be familiar with the campus.
  • Enjoy your summer, knowing that you beat the enrollment rush and your scholar is all set when fall comes around!

Who Should Enroll Early?

  • Early enrollment is open to all scholars who will be attending any Breakthrough Public School for the first time. Whether you have a Kindergartnerer who is just embarking on their educational journey, or you recently moved to Cleveland and are looking for a school for your child, we would love the opportunity to welcome you!

Early Enrollment Requirements:

  • Proof of current residency such as a utility bill, pay stub, or bank statement from the past 90 days.
  • Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate (with guardian’s name)

Enrolling is as easy as 1-2-3! Here's how:

Click the button below to start your application.

We use SchoolMint to process all our enrollment applications. Sign up on our website OR if you already have a SchoolMint account, click “Please Log In” at the bottom. Continue through to complete each step in the online application.

Upload the following documents to SchoolMint on your phone or computer:

1. Proof of Residency (within last 90 days - examples: utility bill, lease, pay stub)

2. Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate (with guardian’s name)

3. Child’s Latest Shot Records (due before the first day of school)

If you are using the SchoolMint App, you can take photos of these documents with your phone and upload them via the app. This is the easiest way to submit documents.

Recieve an Offer

Complete an application and submit it along with the required documents.

Once you receive an offer via SchoolMint for your child/rens to enroll, you must Accept and Complete Registration to secure your child/ren's enrollment place the in class.



You will accept and complete registration in SchoolMint on your Desktop or Mobile App.