Welcome to our

Spring Open House

Saturday, May 15, 2021 | 1 - 3 PM

Meeting Code: 924745


If you have any Enrollment-related questions you can always contact our Enrollment Team:

Call: (216) 367-5720 | Text: (216) 800-7166‬ | Email: admissions@breakthroughschools.org


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Preview Video

If you are able, please watch this preview video before the Virtual Open House begins. We hope this gives you a sense of what it is like for our scholars in our Breakthrough Community. Many thanks to Principal Ricardo Franklin for the voice talent!

Open House Agenda

Welcome (1:05pm - 1:20pm)

Hear welcoming remarks from our network-wide academic leaders, learn about what makes Breakthrough unique, and why it might be a good fit for your child and family.

Breakout Sessions (1:25pm - 2:05pm)

During this time, you'll be able to attend one of three fun and interactive breakout sessions listed below!

  • Parent to Parent Session: Parents and families are invited to join this session to hear directly from a panel of current and alumni parents who will discuss choosing Breakthrough Schools and their experiences as parents of scholars. You will be able to ask parents all you want to know about sending your scholars to Breakthrough Schools.
  • Scholar to Scholar Session: Scholars who will be entering grades 5-8 are encouraged to join along for this session, and ask our current scholars everything they want to know about attending Breakthrough Schools! Parents and families feel free to join your scholars as well.
  • Kindergarten the Breakthrough Way: Families with rising kindergarteners, this session is for you! Hear from kindergarten teachers, learn more about our immersive kindergarten program, and discover kindergarten readiness tips to help you prepare for a seamless transition this fall.

Campus Discussions (2:10pm - 2:55pm)

During this time, you will get the chance to join a "breakout room" live meeting at any of our schools (see locations listed below). First, you will hear a brief presentation about the campus from the school leadership and teachers. Then, you will be able to ask questions via chat and our school leaders will do their best to answer as many questions as they can live!

Cliffs Campus

At E 36th & Superior, our E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs Campus is led by Principals Kelly Foerg and Marc Johnson.

Willard Campus

Near W 95th and I-90, E Prep & Village Prep Willard is led by Principals Molly Gortz and Jasmine Foster.

Woodland Hills

At E 93rd & Union, our E Prep & Village Prep Woodland Hills Campus is led by principals Emily E Johnson and Lynesha Richardson

Citizens Hampden Campus

On Hampden Ave off of East Blvd, our Citizens Hampden Campus is led by CA Principal Leah Martello, and CLA Principal Sydney Gruhin.

Citizens East Campus

Near E 125th & Eddy, our Citizens East Campus is led by CAE Principal Agnes Aleobua and CLAE Principal Ricardo Franklin Sr.

Citizens Southeast Campus

Near Lee & Harvard, our Citizens Southeast Campus is led by CAS Principal Sarah Weber and CLAS Principal Emily Rogoff.

Video Gallery

Please enjoy these videos to get a sense of what it is like to be a member of the #BreakthroughFamily.

More About Our Schools


Our Citizens founding schools include our National Blue Ribbon Award-Winning elementary school Citizens Academy and our MOMENTUM Award-Winning middle school Citizens Leadership Academy. A very short drive between elementary and middle school, our founding schools provide a space for your child to thrive from pre-K through 8th grade.

Citizens Academy

Openings in K-5
10118 Hampden Ave. in Glenville
Near East Blvd. & Superior

Citizens Leadership Academy

Openings in 6-8
9711 Lamont Ave in University Circle
Near E 97 & Chester


We opened our Citizens East Campus due to strong community demand and support. Here, both our elementary school Citizens Academy East (CAE) and our middle school Citizens Leadership Academy East (CLAE) are located in the same building.

CA East

Openings in K-5
12523 Woodside Ave. in Glenville
Near E. 125th & Eddy

CLA East

Openings in 6-8
12523 Woodside Ave in Glenville
Near E. 125th & Eddy


Our Citizens Southeast Campus is our newest Citizens Campus, currently serving grades K-4. Our CA Southeast Campus is growing to serve student grades K-8, and will be featuring a Citizens Leadership Academy Southeast when we open for middle school.

CA Southeast

Openings in K-5
15700 Lotus Drive
Near Lee & Harvard

CLA Southeast

Openings in 6-7th Grade
15700 Lotus Drive
Near Lee & Harvard


Our founding E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs campus opened in 2006, and serves students in grades K-8. Our "Preparatory" schools feature a highly structured, joyful environment with energizing routines and tremendous rigor. "Every second matters" is what we say about out Preparatory campuses.

Village Prep Cliffs

Openings in K-4
1417 E. 36th St in Asiatown
Between Superior & St Clair

E Prep Cliffs

Openings in 5-8
1417 E. 36th St in Asiatown
Between Superior & St Clair


Our founding E Prep & Village Prep Woodland Hills is our second Preparatory campus, serving students in grades K-8. Our "Preparatory" schools feature a highly structured, joyful environment with energizing routines and tremendous rigor. Woodland Hills is especially helpful in students make multiple years of academic progress in just one year.

Village Prep Woodland Hills

Openings in K-4
9201 Crane Avenue
E 93rd & Union

E Prep Woodland Hills

Openings in 5-8
9201 Crane Avenue
E 93rd & Union


Preps Willard is our newest E Prep & Village Prep campus, growing to serve students in grades K-8. Our first west side Preparatory Campus, Preps Willard is an exciting, diverse, multicultural learning environment featuring high structure, high energy, and academic rigor.

Village Prep Willard

Openings in K-4
9401 Willard Ave.
Cleveland 44102

E Prep Willard

Openings in 5-8
9401 Willard Ave.
Cleveland 44102