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Join us at an Information Session on Wednesday, May 3rd.

Welcome to Breakthrough Schools

Welcome to Breakthrough Schools. We're a network of distinct, educator-led K-8 public schools in Cleveland, Ohio. All of the schools in our network are tuition-free, non-profit, and dedicated to providing an outstanding, rigorous educational experience to our scholars. We're proud to be the #1 rated network of public schools in Cleveland. We were founded in Cleveland, and are committed to Cleveland.

Upcoming Information Sessions

Next Parent & Family Enrollment Information Sessions are on Saturday, 4/22 at 11am. Each school is holding an information session for families interested in enrolling. If you have any questions, call us M-F 9am - 5pm: (216) 367-5720

Ten Years Later #ClassOf2017

Creative Filmmaker followed four of our students for 10 years. Get to know each of them in this short video.


Citizens Leadership Academy

Thanks to the Cleveland Public Library for these *amazing* photos from their Girl Power event last week, featuring our students from Citizens..

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Explore Breakthrough - Breakthrough Schools | The Highest-Rated Network of K-8 Charter Schools in Cleveland, Ohio

If you missed our “Enrolling Your Child” Information Session last Saturday, come visit a school on Wednesday, May 3rd! Click below to learn more..

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Citizens Academy Southeast

Huge shout out to Mr. Warren and all the students at Citizens Academy Southeast for this amazing video and song!! You’ve got to see it. Be sure..

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We'll pass the AIR Test!

Need a little inspiration before taking the 3rd Grade AIR test? Our students from Citizens Academy Southeast have it here for you! 🙂 #JoyfulScholars..

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We're proud to be the #1 rated network of K-8 public schools in Cleveland.

Explore Our K-8 Campuses


Our Citizens founding schools include our National Blue Ribbon Award-Winning elementary school Citizens Academy and our MOMENTUM Award-Winning middle school Citizens Leadership Academy. A very short drive between elementary and middle school, our founding schools provide a space for your child to thrive from pre-K through 8th grade.

Citizens Academy

Openings in K-5
10118 Hampden Ave. in Glenville
Near East Blvd. & Superior

Citizens Leadership Academy

Openings in 6-8
9711 Lamont Ave in University Circle
Near E 97 & Chester


We opened our Citizens East Campus due to strong community demand and support. Here, both our elementary school Citizens Academy East (CAE) and our middle school Citizens Leadership Academy East (CLAE) are located in the same building.

CA East

Openings in K-5
12523 Woodside Ave. in Glenville
Near E. 125th & Eddy

CLA East

Openings in 6-8
12523 Woodside Ave in Glenville
Near E. 125th & Eddy


Our Citizens Southeast Campus is our newest Citizens Campus, currently serving grades K-4. Our CA Southeast Campus is growing to serve student grades K-8, and will be featuring a Citizens Leadership Academy Southeast when we open for middle school.

CA Southeast

Openings in K-4
17900 Harvard Avenue in Lee-Harvard
Near E. 183rd & Harvard

CLA Southeast

Will Serve Grades 6-8
Planned to open 2019/20, stay tuned for updates during our planning.


Our founding E Prep & Village Prep Cliffs campus opened in 2006, and serves students in grades K-8. Our "Preparatory" schools feature a highly structured, joyful environment with energizing routines and tremendous rigor. "Every second matters" is what we say about out Preparatory campuses.

Village Prep Cliffs

Openings in K-4
1417 E. 36th St in Asiatown
Between Superior & St Clair

E Prep Cliffs

Openings in 5-8
1417 E. 36th St in Asiatown
Between Superior & St Clair


Our founding E Prep & Village Prep Woodland Hills is our second Preparatory campus, serving students in grades K-8. Our "Preparatory" schools feature a highly structured, joyful environment with energizing routines and tremendous rigor. Woodland Hills is especially helpful in students make multiple years of academic progress in just one year.

Village Prep Woodland Hills

Openings in K-4
9201 Crane Avenue
E 93rd & Union

E Prep Woodland Hills

Openings in 5-8
9201 Crane Avenue
E 93rd & Union


Preps Willard is our newest E Prep & Village Prep campus, growing to serve students in grades K-8. Our first west side Preparatory Campus, Preps Willard is an exciting, diverse, multicultural learning environment featuring high structure, high energy, and academic rigor.

Village Prep Willard

Openings in K-2
2220 West 95th St
Cleveland 44102

E Prep Willard

Openings in 5-6
2220 West 95th St
Cleveland 44102

Lakeshore Intergenerational School

Openings in K-4
18025 Marcella Road in Collinwood
Near E 185th & I-90

The Intergenerational School

Openings in K-8

11327 Shaker Boulevard
Near E 116th & Shaker

Near West Intergenerational School

Openings in K-8
3805 Terrett Avenue in Ohio City
Near W 38th & Franklin


Our Results

Combining shared principles with unique educational models, Breakthrough is able to deliver a portfolio of unique, effective educational options to the Cleveland community. This nationally innovative approach is working.

As the latest round of results from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) shows, Breakthrough Schools collectively outperformed the eight largest school districts in the State by Performance Index (Published by ODE, September 2016).



Our mission is to develop a growing network of distinctive school options that prepare Cleveland area students for success in life. Breakthrough has been recognized as the top-performing network performing schools in Cleveland, honored by local, state, and national organizations for excellence in teaching, leadership, and student achievement.



The five-year vision of Breakthrough Schools is to "further Greater Cleveland’s transformation by providing distinctive school options for no fewer than 6,000 children in 19 schools. Our work, in partnership with CMSD and others, will help the city reach a tipping point towards providing a high-quality education for all."

Breakthrough Values

We work hard every day to support quality education in Cleveland. As we strive for excellence...

We do what’s best for kids.

We help each other grow.

We embrace our diversity.

We tell the truth.

We stand together.

So, What’s Next?

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