The Intergenerational School

The Intergenerational SchoolWelcome to The Intergenerational School. Founded in 2000 by Dr. Cathy Whitehouse & Dr. Peter Whitehouse, The Intergenerational School has consistently been recognized as one of the leading public charter schools in the country. TIS is located in Cleveland, Ohio, serves grades K-8, and is a free public school.

Our founding school campus is the only public charter school in Cleveland to receive EIGHT Excellent or Excellent with Distinction Ratings from the State of Ohio.

The Intergenerational School was born from the desire to create a school that honored and respected children and enabled them to each learn in a time frame and manner that suited their individual capabilities. To do this meant rejecting age as the single most important factor in organizing the educational environment and experiences.

Breakthrough Schools' urban teacher residency program, the Cleveland Urban Teacher Residency (CUTR)All of our Intergenerational Schools are founded on two mainstay principles:

  • Learning is a lifelong developmental process
  • Knowledge is socially constructed

Since 2000, these founding principles have translated into a developmental curriculum based on five stages of learning, rather than arbitrary age- and calendar-based grade levels. Students progress through the stages based on demonstrated mastery of learning objectives. Student success is the constant; the time needed to accomplish that success is the variable.



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