Your Feedback Matters! Join Us at a Town Hall Session

Dear Breakthrough Families, 

Thank you for trusting us to keep your scholars safe. The decision to send your scholar to an in-person school setting during a pandemic was not an easy one and we want you to know that we are committed to helping to keep all of our scholars, our staff, and the community’s health and safety as our priority. 

It is important that we hear from you and that means opportunities for your input, engagement, and feedback are provided. The first of such opportunities will be two virtual town hall sessions being held next week.  Please join us at one of the sessions below:

Town Hall Session 1

Wednesday, September 29th | 6P - 7:30P

Town Hall Session 2

Thursday, September 30th | 6P - 7:30P

Returning to an in-person school setting has been challenging, especially considering the local and nationwide continuous impact and unrelenting ripple effects of the COVID-19 surge. Many of you have felt the impact of scholar, classroom, grade, or whole school quarantines over the past few weeks as well as the impact of school cancellation due to teacher shortages. Oftentimes the disruptions came with little or no notice and created unpredictability for you and your household. Please accept our most sincere apologies. 

COVID continues to impact the communities we serve at some of the highest rates in the county and as fall creeps upon us and gatherings shift from outdoors to indoors, it is critical we are prepared with contingency plans that will minimize disruptions while prioritizing our scholar’s educational experience.  We have had to quickly reflect, define our current and future reality, identify and prioritize our challenges and begin to design a path forward. The  path forward will focus on three critical areas that will mandate a more vigilant and robust response from us: Those areas are:

  1. Health and Safety: Continuing to improve our protocols and procedures, with a focus on improving compliance and exploring more comprehensive symptomatic and surveillance testing strategies
  2. Staffing and Support: Responding to our staffing and support coverage gaps, with a focus on mitigating the direct impact on class, grade, and school closures
  3. Network Culture and Morale: Acknowledging and improving network-wide relationships and team member sustainability

We are committed to confronting our existing realities with candor and compassion while prioritizing delivering high-quality educational programming to our scholars.  

Thank you for your partnership in this journey. 

With graditude,

The Network Leadership Team