Weekly Family Updates 3/12/18

Greetings CLA-EAST Families!

With each new week comes new possibilities. Our staff operates with a growth mindset and welcomes the challenge of creating new possibilities for all of our scholars. The Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget was quoted saying, “The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities for a child to invent and discover, to create people who are capable of doing new things.” Our challenge in this last trimester is to create even more possibilities. We cannot do this alone. We need your help. Use this link to provide us feedback and your thoughts. You can also help us by volunteering at the school. Come join us as a class guest, crew member, have fun with us at a community meeting or PAC meeting. Let’s continue to work hard together to give our scholars the best school experience possible.

Yours in Education,

Ricardo Franklin, Sr.

Founding Principal


Academic Updates

*Special announcement (1) – Report cards will be going out in the mail Monday, March 12. I do apologize for the slight delay. If you have not received your report card by Friday, March 16th, please call the school for a replacement.

*Special announcement (2) – On Wednesday, March 14th, CLAE scholars, and staff will be joining the #Enough National School Walkout Day. More than 2000 schools across the country have organized walkouts as a peaceful protest against gun violence. Our walk will be in memory of the 17 Parkland, Florida victims and the 7 children and teens killed each day on average throughout the United States by guns. Please consider joining us at the school on Wednesday, March 14th at 10:00 AM. We will be walking from our school to the Glenville Library (St. Clair). Come early to make your own sign. If you do plan on joining us, please register here.

This week in Math, your scholar will begin a new unit on Properties.

In Social Studies, your scholar will continue working in their new unit Water is Life.

In Science, your scholar will complete a lab that shows how bonds in molecules break. They will also solve a molecule mystery and review for a unit test next week.

In ELA, your scholar will be continuing their discussion and analysis of textual evidence based on making inferences. They will continue reading, Promise to Keep, which highlights the achievements and effects of Jackie Robinson’s life.

Tutoring: Tutoring is Monday thru Thursday in Math, Reading, and Writing. Be sure to check with your scholar and the main office to know what day your scholar receives tutoring. Scholars who attend the Salvation Army will no longer be picked up by the Salvation Army after tutoring. Please make arrangements for your scholar to be picked up at the school no later than 4:45 pm on tutoring days.

School Culture Updates

In crew, this week scholars will revisit our discussion surrounding gun violence. In preparation the #Enough National School Walkout Day (Wednesday), our scholars will dive into what it takes to have a peaceful protest and create signs and chants giving weight to their voice for this topic. The new habit target is; “I will hold myself and my peers accountable for living the values of CLAE”. I invite all of our parents to join in on the discussions this week and every week during crew. Crew times are 7:45 am to 8:15 am daily.

Operations, Special Events & Updates

  • The Chipotle fundraiser was a success thanks to all of you!
  • 3/12 – Winter Report Cards Mailed Out
  • 3/12 – CLAE Board Meeting at CLA (9711 Lamont Ave.) @ 4:00 pm
  • 3/13 – Curriculum Night at 5:00 pm
  • 3/26 – 3/30 – SPRING BREAK
  • 4/2 – PD Day (no school for students)
  • 4/16 – 19 English State Assessments
  • 4/20 – PD Day (no school for students)
  • 4/30 – 5/4 Math State Assessments

Current School Data

Average Daily Attendance— 95.8%               Suspension rate—6%                Course failure rate—27.4%