Weekly Family Update – 8/19/2018

Greetings CLA-EAST Families!

You did it! We did it! We made it through the first week of the school year, but just like I told the staff at our Friday PD; we shouldn’t settle for making it through. Our goal is to build a strong and sustainable culture at our school and we need your help in making this happen.

It was a beautiful site to see more than 160 scholars walk through our doors all week long. The first day was a truly amazing day as it was our first time having so many scholars. Everyone settled in quickly and relationships began forming. Scholars and teachers worked to establish routines and norms for inside and outside of the classroom.

This week, scholars will begin taking their NWEA beginning of the year assessments. We moved our timeline up from last year in order to begin scripting tutoring needs, class assignments and individualized learning needs. Attendance is extremely important this week (as is any week), for scholars to be assessed.

It is extremely urgent for our school to have a strong group of parent volunteers, specifically for the PAC. This year is an important year for 7th grade, as we begin planning for their 8th-grade year and funding needs. Things such as college visits and Junior Prom are items we need help fundraising for. If you are interested in becoming a PAC officer, please call the main office and have your name added to the list of folks interested.

As always, you are invited to join us for community meetings each and every Friday from 8:00 am to 9:00 am in the gym.

Yours in Education,

Ricardo Franklin, Sr.

Founding Principal



Academic Updates
MATH Continued work with ratios, NWEA assessment on Thursday and rations quiz on Friday. Continued work with ratios and NWEA assessment.
SCIENCE Scholars will begin their unit on rocks and minerals, with a science lab at the end of the week. Scholars will be working on the steps of the Scientific Method and how to apply it to a Controlled Experiment.
ENGLISH Continued working on annotation and other close reading strategies. Scholars will also continue reading in their independent reading book while also beginning to write their review as well as taking their NWEA assessment. Continue working on close reading strategies, beginning their first short writing assignment or moral courage using the informational text “kids of Kabul” as well as taking their NWEA assessment.
SOCIAL STUDIES Continue working on identity and community while diving deeper into answering the 6th-grade essential question, What makes a community thrive. Scholars will be discussing Ancient Greece and how it’s development has shaped our modern culture.
ART Scholars are working on self-identification shirts. Scholars will be creating reverse name designs.
PHYSICAL EDUCATION Scholars will begin their unit on Soccer
OUTDOOR LEADERSHIP Scholars will begin working on team building and understanding teamwork within the community.


School Culture Updates

This week, our focus for school culture is on rolling out restorative practices for our scholars. Each family should have received a Family Handbook in which it outlines the new restorative process at CLAE. The restorative process replaces our traditional progressive disciplinary system. The goal of the restorative process is to teach students skill in conflict resolution while restoring the harm down to the school community. In this process, students will develop their voice in what they believe is the appropriate way to behave in their school.


Operations, Special Events & Updates

  • 8/20 – NWEA Assessments (Beginning of the Year)
  • 8/27 – SLO Assessments (Beginning of the Year)
  • 9/3 – NO SCHOOL (Labor Day)
  • 9/12 – Curriculum Night 5:30 PM


Current School Data

Average Daily Attendance— 93%               Course failure rate—0%                Suspension rate—0%