Weekly Family Update

Greetings CLA-EAST Families! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their fall break and time off from school. We are ready to have our students back at school learning and preparing to close out the first trimester. November 1st is the official last day of the first trimester which means students have exactly two weeks to turn in any make-up work from classes in-need.

October is a busy month with student programming. We are in need of parent volunteers for several events taking place this month. This months special events include; Breast Cancer Awareness, Red Ribbon Awareness (drug and alcohol) and we will continue with our Bully-Awareness campaign. To learn more about volunteer opportunities and to schedule your volunteer time, please contact Mr. Thompson at berry.thompson@citizensleadership.org or Mr. Shahid at anwar.shahid@citizensleadership.org or you can call the school to speak to them at 216-352-5900

School picture day for all CLA-EAST students is Wednesday, October 23rd. Details for this day are as follows:

  • All student are required to take a photo on picture day
  • All students must be in school uniform (a second day has been scheduled where they can dress down)
  • Pictures will be taken by crew (6th) or by group (7th-8th) throughout the day in the gym

I’m looking forward to another great week…let’s go TIGERS!

Yours in Education,

Ricardo Franklin, Sr.

Founding Principal


Curriculum Updates
MATH Scholars will continue on their unit on ratios. They will work on identifying and creating equivalent ratios both in practice with numbers and with applying it in the real world sense by doubling and tripling recipes. Scholars will continue working on getting the foundations of circles and learning the definitions for terms they will work with during Unit 3. Scholars begin Unit 3; Linear relationships. They will use graphs, tables, descriptions and equations to represent Proportional relationships.  
SCIENCE Scholars will begin their new mini-unit on plate tectonics. Scholars will start with the layers of the earth. They will then focus on the earth’s crust and the movement of its plates as they float on the earth’s mantle.   Scholars will begin their new energy unit. This week they will be learning about all the different types of energy and how they are transferred.   Scholars will begin a new unit this week in science.
ENGLISH Scholars will be working on, the elements of a strong argument. What does it mean to debate? Also, analyzing the effectiveness of an argument. Student will write, edit, and revise. Students will also, articulate and type.   Scholars will start their third unit: literary analysis. They will spend 3 weeks working on this unit competing numerous literary writing assignments. Scholars will be starting a 3 week informational writing unit to begin to hone in on their writing skills with the purpose of becoming strong and confident writers.
SOCIAL STUDIES Scholars will continue their unit on ancient civilizations. They will shift their focus from Mesopotamia to ancient Egypt and explore what made Egypt thrive. Scholars will start with week by looking at multiple myths from Asian cultures and determine what these myths tell us about their cultural values. They will be taking a mythology quiz and introduce the end of unit project. Scholars will be analyzing different point of views over the successes and failures of the Reconstruction Era. Scholars will also be completing their second quiz over this unit.

Operations, Special Events & Updates

  1. 10/23:  Picture Day (student must be in school dress code)
  1. 11/1:  Last day of 1st trimester
  1. 11/5:  NO SCHOOL (election day, the building is used as a voting location)
  1. 11/8: Report cards mailed home
  1. 11/27-29: NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving)

Current School data

Attendance – 93.3% Pass/Fail Rate – 52.9%    Suspension Rate – 7.3%