Weekly Family Communication Week 3


Dear Families,

This week’s Start 2020 update is all about specific family supports we will be providing during virtual learning. As you’ll hear in this video, our goal is make sure that you feel and experience significant support from your school community as we start this school year, even at home. We also want to specifically call out that one of our services, Free Take Home Meal Service, will be available starting on August 17th and the Network-Wide School Calendar is available here. Watch the full video below for all updates:

Regular Weekly Updates: These will allow us to make sure that not only is your scholar learning, but that they are feeling healthy, engaged, and are receiving access to any exceptional services they may be needing.

Breakfast and Lunch Meal Program: Starting August 17th, all enrolled students can pick up free take home meal kits containing 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches. See below for the pickup calendar for the week of August 17th.

Easy Access to Devices and Wifi: We believe equitable access to technology is essential, and are in the process of reaching out to every family to ensure scholars have access to what they need to succeed at home!  If your scholar needs a device - or has a Breakthrough device that is not working - and you have not yet received a call from us you can also contact your school’s front office directly.

New Programs, Tools, and Systems: We will be providing information and training about the new and exciting systems we will be using to support your scholars’ learning, including online family access so you can measure scholar progress and engagement.

Guides and Resources on Website: We will be building out our website with updated guides and resources to support all aspects of our remote learning program.

Virtual Call Center: We are relaunching our virtual call center in order to be able to support families with their technological needs.  Final call center hours will be available soon.

Community Support System: We intend to play a bigger role as a community support system this year, providing access and connections to key third party services and resources.

We understand that this is going to be challenging. But, we also want you to know that we’ll be here with you, every step of the way. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your school directly. I look forward to talking with you next week during our next regular update!

With respect and gratitude,

BPS Andrew McRae

Andrew McRae

Chief Academic Officer