Valentines Day Dance

Dear CLA Families,


This Friday, Feburary 7th, we will have our next school dance. The seventh grade student council is taking the lead to orgnaize and host the dance.

Just a reminder about a few specifics for the dance:

When: Febuary 7th, 2014-2:30-4:30

Where: CLA Gymnasium

Who: Any CLA student who has not recieved any after school detentions from Feb 3rd- Feb 7th

Tickets: Students must have a ticket to enter the dance. All tickests are $1 and the last opportunity to purchase tickets is Friday morning during crew. Tickets will be sold from Feb 5th – Feb 7th . (Tickets are nonrefundable)

Dress Code: Casual (please see specifics below), If a student is deemed to be wearing something inappropriate, he or she will be asked to wear his or her school uniform. No costumes are permitted. Students attending the dance will have an opportunity to change at the school after 2:00pm.

Concessions: The PAC will be selling concessions during the dance to help raise funds for the end of the year trip.

Dancing: All dancing will be school appropriate. The dance will be chaperoned by CLA staff and parent volunteers. Any dancing deemed inappropriate will be addressed immediately.

Boys Dress Code

* No hats

* No “sagging”

*boys may not wear just a tank top typically designated as an undershirt, commonly known as “beaters” or ” muscle shirts

Girls Dress Code

* No revealing tops

* Sleeveless shirts are ok,  but not spaghetti straps

* Shorts are ok, but nothing shorter than the student’s finger tips

* Shirts may not reveal a students midriff

* No high heels

* Girls must wear some sort of pants or shorts, they may not wear simply tights, “, “leggings” or “jeggings”

* No strapless tops or halter tops

* Nothing mesh or see-through without being fully clothed behind such clothing

We look forward to making this a very special event for your student!