Summer Packets

All rising 7th and 8th grade scholars are required to complete a math packet and read a novel (provided by CLA) and complete the associated packet for English. Students must complete the packets in their entirety (every question should be answered and every blank should be filled in, including the extended response and essays at the end). These packets are due on the first day of school as the first mastery grades in English and math class. Students who read the most do the best in all of their classes; accordingly, students should read every day of the summer. Please contact the office at 216-229-8185 or e-mail for questions about math or for questions about English. Have a wonderful summer!

Reading packet for rising 7th graders: Grade7SummerReadingPacket

Reading packet for rising 8th graders: Grade8SummerReadingPacket

Math packet for rising 7th graders:  STEM Summer Stretch 6B Packet

Math packet for rising 8th graders: STEM Summer Stretch 7B Packet