Snow Day Letter

For a PDF version of the letter, please click here.

January 27, 2014

Dear Families of CLA,

We hope that you are staying warm this week, so far this winter has been rather aggressive and the forecasts seem to be holding true to a “typical” Cleveland winter. While it is our top priority to instruct students and prepare them behaviorally and socially, we must also take safety into consideration.

In order to continue keeping your children focused on their learning, we have created a number of assignments that they can complete at home. These assignments are both engaging and will keep you and your children focused on school, the upcoming Interims (week of February 10th) and the OAA’s. The articles will also provide good conversation about current events.


Please review the directions and links below:

Go to the website:

  1. Register your child with the following code: NOXVW
  2. At the top of the page in the left hand corner you will see the word Binder, please click this tab
  3. There are 2 articles assigned, “Father Penguins…” and “Roller Coasters”
    1. More articles will be posted throughout the day!
    2. Read the article(s) and take the Quiz on the right hand side of the page
    3. As articles are read and quizzes are taken, the results will be emailed to me. We will use this data to continue targeting standards based instruction.

As always, IXL Math ( is available for additional math practice as well.


Thanks for all that you do!




Sydney Gruhin