Reenrollment is Open!

Don’t wait! Get a head start on reenrollment early to save time, and ensure that your child has a spot for the 2021-22 school year!

Reenrollment Closes Jan 29!

January 18th to January 29th, 2021

With a limited number of seats available for this coming school year, reenrolling gives you the peace of mind knowing that your scholar has a seat secured when fall comes around.

By reenrolling now, you're saving time, plus you'll be able to enjoy your summer knowing that everything is all set!

Who Needs to Reenroll?

  • Reenrollment is required for all current K-7 Breakthrough scholars who will be returning in 2021/22.

What Is Required?

  • Proof of current residency such as a utility bill, pay stub, or bank statement from the past 90 days.

Why Reenroll?

  • With limited spaces available, reenrolling is the best way to secure your scholars seat in their school and class
  • Reenrolling is quick and easy! You only need to submit the reenrollment form along with a current proof of residency, which means less time filling out paperwork.
  • Families who complete reenrollment are able to ensure that there is space for all of their children at the same school.
  • Save time by increasing the chances that all of your children are able to attend the same campus, which means just one pick up and drop off location for your children.
  • Enjoy your summer, knowing that you beat the reenrollment rush and your scholar is all set when fall comes around!

Reenrolling is as easy as 1-2-3! Here's how:

Complete the
reenrollment form.

By updating address, phone number, permissions, and any other information that may have changed during the year.


Submit a proof of residency for the parent/guardian.


Reenrollment form and proof of residency is reviewed and scholar’s seat in the 21-22 class is secured.