Ready Set Go: Your Turn!

Hello families!

We are now going into week three of the new school year and I hope you have experienced a wonderful start. As a new member of the Breakthrough family I hope you have enjoyed the activities, books, and information I have shared with you via the Ready, Set, Go communication series. It certainly has been a joy for me to hear and meet so many families this summer.

I would like to ask you to share your feedback and thoughts about our communication by responding to a brief 5 response questionnaire. Your feedback will help me shape how we communicate with you in the future.

Thank you for your time and your thoughts, and I look forward to hearing from you.




Kareemah Williams
Parent of Two Breakthrough Alum (now in college!)
Former Board Member of Citizens Academy
Former Board Member of Breakthrough Schools
Current Managing Director of Enrollment & Engagement
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First Week Back

We made a short video about the first weeks back to school. I hope you enjoy!