Ready Set Go 2020: Week 8

Hello Breakthrough Schools Families,

I have received questions from many of you over the last couple of weeks.  I thought it would be helpful to include some of the answers in this edition of Ready Set Go.  I want you to know that we understand that this year will be different from years past in many ways, but our Breakthrough Schools teachers, staff, and community are committed to making the first day -- and every day after that -- special for both you and your scholar.  We will be with you every step of the way. Through the current health pandemic. Through the return to in-person learning. Through those challenging middle school years. Through high school applications, and through college acceptances.  We are 100% committed to our scholars’ long-term success.  Please keep reaching out to me with your questions and I will keep sharing information with you as it becomes available.

What is the first day of school?

The first day of school will be September 8th with a full remote start.  Now, with the opportunity to plan and more fully train our teachers and staff, we are excited to be able to provide a dramatically enhanced remote learning experience for our scholars, teachers, and families. More details on our remote learning plans will be shared shortly.  We will be looking for gradual ways to bring scholars back into our buildings for in-person learning, as health and safety conditions permit.

Will scholars be provided with technology? What if a scholar is having technical problems?

Yes. Similar to last spring, devices and/or internet access will be provided for the duration of remote learning for all students who need them in order to participate.  More information about how to sign up for and pick up technology will be available over the next few weeks.  In addition, our Breakthrough Call Center and in-person Tech Hours will continue to provide tech support to families.  We will keep this website up-to-date and will also share updates via text message and email in the weeks and days leading up to the start of school.

Will Breakthrough provide student support services during remote learning?

Yes. Our Exceptional Student Education team and partners are working hard to ensure that all exceptional students (students with IEPs, students who are ELLs, students approaching grade-level proficiency, and gifted students) still receive services and support they need.

We are prepared to provide the following support services during remote learning: small group and/or 1:1 academic remediation and acceleration, Counseling, Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, and Physical therapy.

Based on the specific type of therapy as well as student profile, support services will be provided synchronously online or in-person within one of our campuses. Families of exceptional students will receive communication soon with more specific information about these services.

How do we learn more about Remote Learning Centers?

We are still in the process of developing our plan for the RLCs and understanding how many spots we could have available.  As a first step, we will be reaching out over the next few days to gather more information about interest in this option.  If you are interested, please keep an eye out for a short survey that will be sent via text and email.




Kareemah Williams
Parent of Two Breakthrough Alum
Former Board Member of Citizens Academy
Former Board Member of Breakthrough Schools
Current Director of Enrollment & Engagement
Office: (216) 367-5720

Activities & Resources

Virtual Kindergarten Night

August 4, 5:30P-6:30P

Breakthrough Schools is inviting families of rising kindergarten scholars to join us on Tuesday, August 4th to virtually experience our kindergarten program, hear from kindergarten teachers, chat live with our school leaders, and learn about our remote program option!  To register, click here or share the link with any family that you know with a rising kindergarten scholar.

Kindergarten Club Video Series

Cuyahoga County Libraries created a Kindergarten Club video series to help parents prepare their children for a successful transition to kindergarten from home. The video lessons are meant to be watched in order as each lesson builds upon the last one. Lessons include tips for parents, skill-building activities and storytimes focused on specific kindergarten readiness skills, and new videos are added monthly.

Summer Grow Kits

Elements of Internal Movement is sponsoring Summer Grow Kits.  The kits will be used to teach youths and families the seed to plate the concept of growing what can be eaten. The kits will provide fun activities, hands-on summer learning, and a passion for growing.  Elements of Internal Movement is looking for 50 families to participate in this program and the first 50 to respond will receive the kits.

Refer Your School!

If you know someone who may want to enroll their child/ren in our schools, let them know we would love to have them as we have space for new scholars. Submit your referral at the button below!

Reading Ideas for Fun - eBooks

The Cuyahoga County Library and Cleveland Public Library are now open for drive-through window and curbside service at 13 locations.  Fortunately for all of us, both libraries are offering continued access to their digital and streaming services.  You will need a library card to access these materials.  If you do not have a library card you can apply for a library card online here for the Cuyahoga County Library or here for the Cleveland Public Library.

Grades K-2


Tia Isa Wants a Car

By Meg Medina (Author), Claudio Munoz (Illustrator)

While Tía Isa wants to save money for a car that will take the whole family to the beach, her niece does odd jobs for neighbors. But it’s hard to save enough when half the money is set aside to someday bring family members who live far away to join them. Meg Medina’s simple, genuine story about keeping in mind those who are far away is written in lovely, lyrical prose and brought to life through Claudio Muñoz’s charming characters.

Grades 3-5



By Chad Sell

Drew is just a regular artist. However, there is nothing ordinary about her art. Her doodles are mischievous . . . and rarely do they stay in Doodleville, the world she has created in her sketchbook. Instead, Drew's doodles prefer to explore the world outside. However, after an inspiring class trip to the Art Institute of Chicago--where the doodles cause a bit too much trouble--Drew decides it is time to take her artistic talents to the next level.

Grades 6-8



By Kwame Alexander

Booked is a novel in verse that centers on a middle school soccer player who struggles with his family going through a divorce, school bullies, and middle school romance. There are a couple of fistfights, some name-calling ("stupid, "ignorant"), and racist names used to insult a student of Asian-Ghanian descent. Parents should be prepared to talk about these topics.

Hear from a Parent

Meet Latosha Love, a proud parent, and advocate who’s sent all five of her children to Breakthrough schools. “For me, community and partnership with the teachers are very important. That’s what I had growing up, and that's what we have here at Breakthrough.”

Latosha shares why she’s chosen to send her kids to Breakthrough, her experience and perspective as a parent navigating all of the recent changes, and her advice for any parents who are thinking about sending their children to Breakthrough.

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved at your school specifically, or with me at the citywide level, let me know. We always welcome parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents interested in volunteering and getting involved in several ways. Email me here or call me at 216-367-5720 and ask for Kareemah. I look forward to hearing from you!