Preparing for an In-Person Return for the Upcoming School Year

Hello families! We are beyond excited for the upcoming school year, which will be uniquely special. Every decision we've made surrounding our in-person return to school is aligned to the best interest of our scholars, staff, and extended community’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

We’re prioritizing a safe and secure environment for our scholars so that they can learn the absolute most while also being in a joyful environment.

So, what does that look like in detail? Hear directly from our Chief Academic Officer Andrew McCrae by watching this video or read on below!

1. A rigorous approach to unfinished learning

Scholars will receive an excellent quality education and curriculum from well-trained teachers. We're also going to guarantee that our return to school is fun by ensuring that kids can enjoy the things they love about school.

2. Personalized support for every scholar based on their individual academic needs

We recognize that everyone is at different places in their learning, given the circumstances of last school year, and are committed to meeting each scholar where they are by providing support and individualized instruction to accelerate their knowledge in the year ahead.

3. Opportunities to engage in social, emotional learning

We will provide a space to process our collective trauma, grief, and experience of a pandemic while affirming our students' individual identity.

4. Leveraging technology and STEM

To empower our kids to continue their learning at home, at night, or through many of our self-directed learning programs, we'll be equipping them with the tools and skills they'll need in the future.

5. Keeping our students and staff safe

The health and safety of our scholars and staff is our number one priority. That may include components of our school experience that involve scholars wearing masks or social distancing. We will continue to monitor the ongoing pandemic and follow safety protocols and best practices.

While there's no doubt that school will look and feel different, we can rise to the challenge of this school year. We are very excited about the opportunity to do that and can't wait to see you all in August!

With partnership,

Arliss Prass | Breakthrough Public Schools

Arliss Prass
Chief Community Officer
Breakthrough Public Schools

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