Find Out What #MiddleSchoolCanBe

We have six middle schools in Cleveland. Three Citizens Leadership Middle Schools, and three E Prep Middle Schools. All are tuition-free and open to all residents. Learn more about each below and find out which might be best suited to your middle school scholar.

Distinct Middle School Experience

Most K-8 schools in Cleveland do not offer a distinct middle school experience. We know what a distinct time of life middle school is, and work hard to make our middle schools positive, challenging, and supportive learning environments.

All of our middle schools feature high academic expectations, high school and college prep curriculum, distinct art programs, and sophisticated use of technology including iPads, Chomebooks, and computer programming tracks.


Unique, real-world experiences

Recently scholars from our Citizens Leadership Academy and E Prep Willard middle schools partnered with University Hospitals for a Mini Med School day on-site with senior medical staff. This is just one example of the type real-world learning opportunities that scholars can find in our schools.

High School & College Prep track

We know how important it is for our scholars to be prepared for success not only in middle school, but in high school and college and beyond. We make sure each of our scholars is on an academic and personal track to set them up for success.

Last year, our 8th grade graduates earned more than $1 million dollars in scholarships to top private high schools, and admission to every top public middle school in the Cleveland area.

Breakthrough Schools High School Fair in Cleveland, Ohio

Citizens Leadership Middle Schools


Citizens Leadership Academy
In Hough / University Circle

Citizens Leadership Academy East
In Glenville / Collinwood

Citizens Leadership Academy Southeast
In Lee-Harvard

E Prep Middle Schools


E Prep Cliffs Middle School
In St Clair Superior

E Prep Woodland Hills Middle School
in Union Miles

E Prep Willard Middle School
in Cudell / Edgewater