Meet Teon Smith

CLA middle school graduate and freshman at St. Edward High School

The CLA Advantage

Who Is Teon Smith

Teon attended Citizens Academy for elementary school, where he got a strong academic foundation and learned about responsible citizenship and the seven virtues of good character.

In middle school at CLA, he built on that and really became a leader, someone who can advocate for himself, and someone who wants to be involved in his community.

Now he attends St. Edward High School and not only is getting good grades, but he was selected by his peers and the teachers as a class leader.

At CLA Teon:

  • Learned how to research, write and revise a strong essay
  • Perfected his foundational math skills
  • Mastered lab-based science
  • Enjoyed the hands-on "expeditionary" educational model that takes learning out of the classroom and into the community for fieldwork with local experts and community activists

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