Interim Exams

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Dear CLA families,


As noted on the school calendar and mentioned during Curriculum Night, this week is our first round of interim exams in English, math, social studies (6th grade), and science (7th and 8th grade).  The interims will contain a variety of multiple-choice questions (1 point each), extended-response questions (4 points), and short-answer questions (2 points); all interim exams will be given in a 2 ½ hour block beginning promptly at 8:30 a.m.


This is the first of four rounds of interim exams prior to the Next Generation Assessments that will be taking place in the spring; NGAs have replaced the Ohio Achievement Assessments. We are extremely excited to see and share the growth our students have made during the first six weeks of the year and are looking forward to tracking their growth throughout the year. Please note that these assessments will be included in your child’s grade.  Please continue pushing your child to do his or her best work on all homework assignments and continue encouraging your scholar to read all instructions and answer all questions completely.


The interim exams will cover information that has been taught over the past six weeks in English, math, and science.  The sixth-grade social studies interim will serve as a pretest on content for the school year. All interims are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.  It is imperative that your son/daughter:


  1. Gets plenty of rest during the      days of interims.
  2. Attends school every day, on      time.
  3. Eats a good breakfast that will      give him/her energy for the assessment (Breakfast will be served at school      from 7:15-7:35 a.m.)


Any student who misses an interim assessment will have an opportunity to take it on Tuesday.   


Thursday, October   2

Friday, October 3

Monday, October 6

Reading interim

Math interim

Social Studies interim (6th grade)

Science interim
(7th and 8th grades)


Please have conversations with your child about the importance of trying your best on rigorous exams such as the interim exams.  Make connections between the CLA interim exams and college mid-terms and finals.  The interim exams are a significant component of our educational program. In order to provide the teachers time to analyze the assessment data and to give students the much needed time to rejuvenate, there is no school Wednesday, October 8 -Monday, October 13. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me directly at 216.229.8185.


Thank you,


Sydney Gruhin



CC: Shelly Saltzman, Head of School