Holiday Tech Message

Happy holidays! Before you and your scholar shut down for a well deserved winter break, we wanted to share some helpful advice on prolonging the life of your technology. Just like all of us, chrome books, hot spots, etc. could use a break too:-) 

  • Make sure your devices are charged and ready to go when learning resumes on Tuesday, January 12th!
  • Remember to keep your device in a safe place when not in use and avoid extreme temperatures. 
  • A single wireless hotspot will only support 2-3 students. If you have more than 3 students living in the same household, please call the main office so we can make arrangements to get you an additional hotspot.
  • The closer the chromebook is physically located to the hotspot, the more effective it will be!  
  • The Breakthrough Virtual Call Center will be closed for the holidays beginning on December 19th. It will open back up on Monday, January 4th, which is the week before school resumes. Visit our Home Tech webpage anytime 24/7 at There are some helpful hints and troubleshooting guides for common tech issues. 
  • Beginning when school resumes in January, we will be charging a replacement fee for lost or damaged devices. There will be a $25 charge to replace a chromebook, ipad, or wireless hotspot that has sustained damage beyond “normal” wear and tear. Some common examples of excessive damage include:
    • Hinge of screen broken or overbent
    • Screen shattered (beyond a single/simple crack)
    • Case cracked open, or part of case broken off to expose the inside of the device 
    • Multiple missing keys 
    • Cracked camera, which can indicate that something has been shoved into the opening
  • There will also be a $10 replacement fee for replacement power cords for chromebook and ipad.

Many thanks to you and your scholar for helping us make sure that everyone in the Breakthrough family has access to high quality technology, and for helping to keep our repair and replacement costs down!