High School Transition News & Updates

Dear Eighth Grade Families:

We wanted to let you know that the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) portal for high school enrollment opens on Monday, December 2. Regardless of other school that you are considering ALL eighth grade families need to create an account on the School Choice Portal: https://www.clevelandmetroschools.org/chooseCMSD#apply

Because CLA and CLAE use Schoolmint for enrollment, you can your Schoolmint user name and password for the portal (chooseCMSD.org). If you have forgotten that information, there is a “forget password” feature available. Parents and students should work together to rank your high school choices in the portal. Even if you don’t live in Cleveland, you can and should go to the CMSD School Choice portal and rank a few high school choices.

We recommend that you use the long Thanksgiving Break to set up your CMSD School Choice account. That way, you will be all set when the portal is open on December 2nd and you can go right in and select your schools.

Thanksgiving Break is also a good time to go online, begin applications, and sign up for shadow days. If you are considering selective schools, the earlier you apply and shadow, the better. We advise that selective school applications should be completed and submitted by winter break. These include teacher recommendations so over Thanksgiving, you can go online and print out those recommendations so your scholar can give them to their teachers with plenty of time before winter break.