Family Weekly Updates

Greetings CLA-EAST Families!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and ready for another strong week of work. Last week we introduced bully-awareness month and plans for the month. For CLAE and many more schools across the country, this is a very important time in our buildings as we look to make a major impact in the occurrences and types of bullying that happens inside of our schools. I personally view bullying as an epidemic. Google search defines an epidemic as “a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time”. We need your help! The best way to end an epidemic is for the entire community to fight together. This week we are asking that you join your scholar’s crew for deep discussions on sensitive topics surrounding bullying and its effects on a school community. Crew time starts at 11:55 Monday thru Thursday. Please email me or your scholar’s crew leader to arrange a day to join them. There are a number of other events this week including an anti-bullying rally on Friday at the community meeting at 8:00 am – 9:00 am.

As we close out the first trimester it is extremely urgent that all scholars do everything they can to improve their overall grades. We will have the 1st-trimester academic awards on November 16th at 8:00 am during the community meeting. Scholars earning High Honors, Honor Roll, Merit Roll, perfect attendance, and most improved will be honored at this time.

After school clubs will resume this week, Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. There has been a change to 1 club. Due to the weather beginning to change, flag football is being changed to a board game club. The after-school club session #2 will run October 14th thru November 9th. Clubs will resume with session #3 after winter break.

After school tutoring for scholars who have fallen below acceptable achievement level will begin tomorrow. Tutoring is after school on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm. It is required for those who have previously notified by the school administration.

I’m looking forward to another great week…let’s go TIGERS!

Yours in Education,

Ricardo Franklin, Sr.

Founding Principal



Academic Updates
MATH Scholars will be learning to multiply and divide decimals. Scholars will be taking their unit 2 assessment on Wednesday and then will be starting a project that gives them a personal and hands-on approach to percentages.
SCIENCE Scientist will be taking a look at how plate tectonics affect rocks. Scientist will look into potential and chemical energy. They will do hands-on as well as virtual labs.
ENGLISH This week scholars will be finalizing their letters to Deborah Ellis and sending them on Friday! Scholars will be taking their first unit MONDAY! They will begin their first unit project: a reflective letter to an author.
SOCIAL STUDIES Scholars will begin their study of the second ancient civilization as they explore Egypt. Scholars will be discovering the truth behind mythology and relating it to modern society.


Operations, Special Events & Updates

  • October – Bully Awareness Month
  • 10/15 – CLAE Board Meeting, 4:30 pm at CLA (9711 Lamont)
  • 10/15 – After school clubs resume
  • 10/16 – PAC Meeting @ 5:15 pm
  • 10/26 – PD for Staff (No School)
  • 11/2 – End of Trimester 1
  • 11/6 – Election Day (No School)
  • 11/9 – Report Cards Mailed Home
  • 11/13 – PAC Meeting @ 5:15 pm
  • 11/21 – 11/23 – Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/7 – PD Day (No School)
  • 12/20 – Winter Celebration of Learning
  • 12/24 – 1/4 – Winter Break


Current School Data

Average Daily Attendance— 94.9% (down)               Suspension rate—4.4%