CLA2HS September Reflection Letter


Dear CLA Families of Eighth Graders,


Although you will get most weekly updates from Ms. Gruhin, this week I feel compelled to send my reflections about the Breakthrough High School Fair last week.   First, much thanks goes to Cassie Seiter, our high school transition advisor, and to Cynthia Tancer, our board chair, for helping Elaine Turley at Breakthrough coordinate the event.  Moreover, Ms. Seiter and Ms. Tancer got you involved in and invested with the high school process, and CLA had more families at the event than the three other schools combined.  Bravo!  Thank you for your dedication and support!


As I watched you and your CLA scholars visit the high schools who were presenting, I was so proud of how far your scholars have come since we opened the school when they were in sixth grade.  Students, who would not look an adult in the eye, were doing that and shaking hands.  Students who had a hard time making it through a short assembly were listening intently to the high school reps.  Students were coming to ask me astute questions about the pro’s and con’s of independent schools.  They were assessing their choices thoughtfully.


It was great to see all of this and to hear the excitement about the high school selection process today throughout the halls.  You should be so proud of the progress each of our 98 eighth graders has made during the past two years.  I look forward to supporting them with the application process including shadowing and writing essays. (As most of you know, I was an eighth grade English teacher and I am happy to assist with essay proofreading!)

Ms. Seiter is your main high school transition contact, and she is actually sending you specifics about our shadowing policy, but please also feel free to contact me for informal support and guidance.  You are the CLA founding class and you have a very special place in my heart.


All the best,

Shelly Saltzman

Head of School