CEO Search Announcement

Breakthrough Public Schools (BPS) is seeking a forward-leaning, experienced leader who can sustain our strengths, while setting our future direction and leading the next phase of our work to ensure superior academic results and a culture that is both rigorous and joyous - where scholars and staff literally want to “run to school.”


Position: Chief Executive
Organization: Breakthrough Public Schools
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Reporting Relationship: Board of Directors









Following a decade of growth and impact, our next CEO will embrace a newly consolidated Board and develop a talented group of professionals to create an updated vision and strategic plan that will enable the network to dramatically enhance its impact on the students, families, and communities it serves. To harness the opportunities that lie ahead for the network, our next CEO will inspire a resilience and fortitude of culture that is dedicated to excellence through measured outcomes and success, yet not afraid to take risks and learn from failure.


In 2009, three of Cleveland’s top stand-alone public charter schools discovered the challenges of operating individually and decided that sharing administrative functions would help them operate more efficiently and enable them to serve many more students. As a result, Breakthrough Public Schools was formed in 2010 with a commitment to increase educational options for Cleveland families by growing a network of distinctive school options that prepare area students for success in life. BPS has grown from three to twelve schools during its first decade by intentionally opening schools in some of the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in Cleveland, including St. Clair-Superior, Lee-Harvard, Union Miles, Cudell, and two in Glenville. Today, each campus contains two schools: one elementary and one middle school. The campuses include: Citizens Hampden, Citizens East, Citizens Southeast, Preps Cliffs, Preps Woodland Hills, and Preps Willard.

E Prep Cliffs | Breakthrough Public Schools


Today, BPS is the highest-performing network of free, public charter schools in Cleveland, Ohio, serving more than 3,600 students. BPS is also nationally recognized, being rated the best Charter Management Organization (CMO) in Ohio by the 2017 CREDO study.* The Breakthrough Public Schools network remains committed to setting its scholars on an early pathway to lifelong success in school, college, and career.

* Breakthrough was ranked #11 nationally in reading, #16 nationally in math, and #1 overall in Ohio among 277 public school networks studied nationwide by CREDO at Stanford University in performance relative to its home district.


During the last 18 months, the network agreed to move from a shared service organization supporting three distinct educational models, to a true charter management organization responsible for the academic program of all twelve schools. BPS’ new Chief Academic Officer assembled a talented Network Academic Team (NAT) which is implementing: common curricula, aligned assessments, progressive exceptional student education practices, equitable staffing standards and professional development for school leaders and teachers—all of which are designed to improve student achievement. While this Board supported ‘Better Together’ initiative envisions a promising future and embodies network-wide support, it is a significant undertaking, and as with any major change, there is an ongoing need for strong leadership in the realization of full implementation.

Village Prep Woodland Hills | Breakthrough Public Schools

Please download the full position description for all details and application information. We appreciate your support in our journey to find our next CEO.