Operations Career Opportunities

Schools don’t run themselves! Our school-based operations teams make sure all our schools are safe, exciting, vibrant places to work and learn, for students and teachers and staff alike. From student enrollment to strategic budget planning to procurement and facilities management, Operations Managers juggle many responsibilities to ensure each of our schools run extremely well. Operations Managers work closely with academic leaders on a daily basis to make sure educators can stay focused on educating. We look for strategic operators who can think fast and act fast, working with principals, deans, teachers, support staff, students, and parents to make their school a place where everyone is setup for success.

School-Based Operations positions include:

Operations Manager

Our Operations Managers are responsible for all matters of school administration and operations that do not directly relate to instruction or student behavior. This position has primary responsibilities in the areas of daily operations, HR/staff management, information technology (IT), vendor relations, and compliance. The Operations Manager is a cornerstone of each school, which seeks to relieve the school leader of non-instructional obligations so that s/he can focus almost exclusively on student achievement and the professional development of the teaching staff. This position takes on a variety of operational responsibilities from overseeing the development and implementation of the school budget (along with network leadership) to gathering and analyzing school data to ensuring that the school has sufficient materials to serve its students.  The Operations Manager is a member of the school’s leadership team and the position is based in the school building.  To execute his/her responsibilities, the Operations Manager works closely with the Operations staffs across our network.

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