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Breakthrough Schools is reinvigorating the educational system in Cleveland and we are looking for teachers committed to urban education to join our growing network. All of our schools have strong, vibrant school cultures, where everyone is held to the highest expectations. We’re on our way to serving 5,000 students citywide. Over the next five years, we will hire more than 100 founding teachers as we open new schools throughout Cleveland. Our teachers are the foundation of our network, our inspirers, and our future leaders.

However, one thing that sets Breakthrough Schools apart from other school networks is that we offer students and teachers four distinct educational approaches to choose from and thrive in: Citizens, Citizens Leadership, and Village Prep, and E Prep.

We believe in our teachers.

Curricular Innovation

Our teachers develop some of the most innovative and effective teaching strategies. In fact, many other districts look to observe our teachers in action.

Commitment to Growth

We help our teachers achieve this level of practice and pedagogy through intensive professional development before students begin the school year, purposeful on-going professional development, 1-on-1 coaching and modeling.

Recognition of Success

We compensate our staff in a way that recognizes outstanding achievement of student results, professional growth as educators, and is competitive with other charters.

We provide room to grow.

Teachers in our network have so many career growth opportunities. Whether you’re looking to excel as a master teacher, split your time between the classroom and teacher coaching, develop your way into school leadership, or extend your skills to our entire network, we support our teachers as they build their career and forge their own path.

What I enjoy the most about my school is everything, I legit have never been happier. I love the structure of lesson plans and expectations we have as professionals. I have work friends, who I genuinely see outside of work. The families are AMAZING. The leadership team is always there for us, and above all, my scholars make me proud to be their teacher every day.

- Anna Bullard, Village Prep Willard

My scholars bring me joy in all sorts of ways, from the witty comments they make to me about my day, to the growth that I see them make throughout the year. Without them, none of this would be possible and they make every day worthwhile.

- Alex Gordon, Citizens Leadership Academy East

I love the people that I work with. Every teacher in our building is there for the same reason, to educate kids. You can go to any teacher and ask for assistance, a resource, or just a listening ear and you will receive it. It is invigorating knowing that we are all working together towards one goal which is to educate our students!

- Chandra Johnson, Citizens Academy Teacher


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