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Our School Leaders are expert educators with the leadership skills and drive required to build school cultures of excellence.

Through various leadership roles, our School Leaders empower teachers, partner with parents, and inspire students every day. Being a school leader is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and we are so proud of the women and men who lead our schools.

School Leader Residency

We believe that the quality of our schools is inextricably linked to the quality of our school leadership.  Thus, our replication has to be led by well-prepared leaders, who have exceptional leadership skills and know what it takes to run a school so that every day, children are getting what they deserve.  The Breakthrough Founding School Leader Residency seeks to ensure that every Breakthrough school, staff member, and student gains value from such effective school leadership as we open new schools and maintain the continued strength of our existing schools.

The paid residency consists of a one-year, full-time assignment (flexible, with consideration to developmental needs) and is intended to prepare the participant for school leadership the following year. During the yearlong assignment, the resident is immersed in the daily activities associated with school leadership, under supervision, including coaching and developing teachers, taking on various leadership responsibilities, engaging with families, etc. Additionally, the resident will take on projects in order to meet the various needs of their school assignment and/or Model.


Model Leaders

These leaders set the strategy and vision for their educational model and build a strong and cohesive leadership team to execute the mission and vision, establishing ambitious school performance goals and coaching, supporting, and evaluating the organization’s top talent to meet these goals.

They ensure that the tradition of educational and operational excellence is maintained.  The Model Leader guides the direction, priorities, and evolution of her or his educational model and ensures that any new schools replicate with full integrity to its educational pedagogy and design. These school leaders serve on the executive leadership team and help set the vision and direction for our Breakthrough network of schools.

Dean of Students

Work with other school leaders to ensure that all students demonstrate dramatic student achievement gains and internalize the school’s values.

The Dean of Scholars will work with the school’s Principal, Director of Operations and Directors of Curriculum and Instruction to ensure that all students demonstrate dramatic student achievement gains and internalize the school’s values.  This individual will also help lead the school’s efforts to create a positive, structured, consistent, caring, and disciplined school culture.


Our Principals are the instructional leaders in their buildings and are first and foremost responsible for the overall academic outcomes of the students in her/his school.

These school leaders work with their Model Education Leader to ensure the school’s adherence to its mission and to set short and long term goals.

Directors of Curriculum and Instruction

These leaders ensure that teachers deliver and receive rigorous instructional support to prepare their students for success in life and college.

These school leaders are responsible for coordinating the development of curriculum, coaching and evaluating teachers, creating and facilitating targeted and meaningful professional development, and assisting in the collection, analysis, reporting and utilization of assessment data to foster a data-driven culture.


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