BPS Family Update – Feb 22, 2021

Dear families,

We all know that Black History at Breakthrough is year-round. And, we also know that #BlackHistoryMonth is a time all our scholars spend even more time dedicated to pursuing coursework focusing on our Black History and celebrating Black Excellence. This week I wanted to shout out a few projects our scholars are undertaking, and also encourage you to follow our social media accounts for further updates. 

BHM Virtual Quilts

Scholars from across our network are creating #BHM Virtual Quilts. These projects, which will be shared the first week of March, encourage scholars to blend research with creativity, all rooted in a personal exploration of Black History. Scholars are encouraged to: 

1. Find or create a picture of a person of your choice they want to celebrate
2. Identity three facts about how they contributed to history
3. Highlight one particular fact about the person themselves
4. Answer the question: “How does this person influence you to be a better you?”

These virtual quilts, which will be stitched together visually online, are actively in progress. We are so excited to share them with you soon! Follow @breakthrough.cle on Instagram and Facebook today to see the quilts when they are done!


An Original Black History Performance

Scholars at our Village Prep & E Prep Willard Campus are busy preparing their original Black History Performance with their teachers and school leadership. We are so excited about this event! Again, follow along on social media for future updates upon completion of this original piece.


BHM Master Class Series

Our Woodland Hills campus has put together a Master Class series featuring leading black entrepreneurs, pioneers, and community leaders. Our plan is to curate these classes into a single space online and share them out to celebrate the Black Excellence happening today. 


BHM Spirit Week

Across our schools, scholars have been participating in BHM Spirit Week! Here is an example of one of our spirit week schedules. It would be great to see your scholars in action if you want to tag @breaktkhrough.cle on Instagram or Facebook!


This is just a small collection of the many great things happening at Breakthrough Public Schools during Black History Month. Thank you for letting me share these moments with you.

Wishing you an inspired week ahead.  

With much appreciation,

Arliss Prass 
Chief Community Officer

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