Badwater 135 – 2024 Fundraiser

Join us in rallying behind FOB Board Member Larry Orwin and his Badwater 135 effort!

Help Larry Help Breakthrough Public Schools!

Join us in rallying behind FOB Board Member Larry Orwin as he gears up to conquer the Badwater Ultramarathon again, taking on the world's toughest foot race to fuel our mission.

In 2022, Larry competed in this race and paired his participation with a fundraising campaign to kickstart a transformative journey for the expansion of our Woodland Hills campus. The funds raised allowed us to purchase the land adjoining our campus to make room for this expansion. Now that we're one step closer, Larry is running the Badwater 135 AGAIN, with the goal of helping us build a Woodland Hills campus gymnasium!

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Countdown to Badwater 2024


What is Badwater 135?

Globally recognized as the world’s toughest foot race, the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon is a pure athletic challenge of athlete, shoes, and support crew versus a brutal 135-mile / 217km stretch of highway and a forty-eight hour time limit.

From the start line in Death Valley to the finish line high on Mt. Whitney, this one-of-a-kind foot race offers the promise of a supremely personal achievement along with international accolades for those who rise to the occasion.

Larry is one of only one hundred runners, world-wide, who has been invited to participate in the Badwater 135. From the scorching Death Valley to the towering heights of Mt. Whitney, he'll tackle 135 miles of unforgiving terrain with a relentless spirit.

But Larry's not just running for personal glory; he's running to make a difference. With every step, he's propelling us closer to our goal of breaking ground in Woodland Hills. Let's match his determination by raising the funds needed to turn the Woodland Hills campus gymnasium into reality!

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Photos of Badwater 2022 courtesy of Larry Orwin

Hear From Larry:

“After getting on the road, it was a cacophony of crew vans and runners. Everyone focused on crossing the finish line, high up in the Sierra Mountains 135 miles away by actual distance, but much further in terms of emotions. While the journey will take forty-eight hours or less, the runners will experience a lifetime of emotions and memories condensed into a few hours. Many will leave the event changed forever, in some form or fashion.”


-Excerpt from Larry's narrative in the book DNF (Did Not Finish) - Rising from the Ashes by A. Mower.

Why Larry Runs:

Breakthrough's Woodland Hills Campus lacks a gymnasium right now, but we're determined to change that.

Larry understands physical activity's vital role in a child's life. Physical activity has been linked to reduced stress and anxiety levels in children, which can positively impact their ability to learn and retain information.

Larry is uniquely championing this cause by taking on the challenge of the Badwater 135 Ultramarathon in Death Valley to raise funds to finish the funding for this project.

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About Larry

Larry Orwin is a resident of Chagrin Falls. Married with two adult children, he recently retired after a 42 year career of technology sales and sales leadership, most recently with Google. During his career, he participated in two start ups, with one successfully exited with a sale to a large, publicly held company.

Larry has served proudly, for the past six years, on the Board of Directors for Friends of Breakthrough Schools, providing access to high quality education choices for children in the City of Cleveland.

A runner since 1975, in high school and at Michigan State, his true passion is long distance running. He is a world-ranked ultra distance runner where he specializes in 24-hour, fixed time races as well as 100-mile races. He has competed in iconic races like the Keys100 and the Badwater135 as well as more than thirty 100-mile races. Larry holds the record for the 2nd fastest 100-mile time in the world for anyone over 60, achieved at the Jackpot 100 in Las Vegas this past February (According to DUV statistics)


Photos of Badwater 2022 courtesy of Larry Orwin

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