6th Grade CLA Families



April 7, 2015


Dear 6th grade CLA families,


It is hard to believe that we have less than two months of school before the 2014-2015 school year comes to an end. All of our students have grown so much and matured throughout the first two trimesters. As the weather turns warmer, we must take a few steps back and think through our school procedures. Yesterday, as a grade level team we sat down to revise our procedures and have created a crew curriculum to review these expectations with our students. However, we feel that it is just as important that you receive that information from me as well as your child. Below you will find our focus areas and our updated expectations/school procedures:


Common Areas and Transitions

This is the biggest focus area for our 6th grade students; in order for all of our students to be successful, they must be physically present in class. Students will travel with a clipboard in which teachers will be tracking when students leave class. Students will be permitted to leave the classroom once before lunch and once after lunch. This will be for the restroom, to go to their backpack, get a drink of water, etc.


Additionally, students who return to class after the door has been shut will receive an after-school detention. We have noticed an increase in students who are not staying with their class and as such are walking into class late.


We have also seen an increase in snacks being taken out of the cafeteria. For the cleanliness of our building, it is imperative that students do not take snacks out of the cafeteria. If a student buys or brings in a snack during lunch, it must be consumed within the lunch period. Effective immediately, if a CLA staff member sees a snack out of the cafeteria after lunch they will be discarding it.



It is our priority to ensure that all students are safe at all times. In order to do this we are increasing accountability during this time of day. Students will not be permitted to leave until their name is called over the PA system. As students leave the building, teachers will be stationed throughout the building to ensure they walk through the appropriate doors in a quick manner. Students with siblings/family members who go home together must meet in front of the building.


In addition to this letter, you will also receive the final after school club selection sheet (on green paper). As a reminder there will be NO after school clubs, tutoring, or Saturday School this week. Tutoring and Saturday School will resume the week of April 13, and clubs will begin the week of April 20. We look forward to seeing an increase in positive culture and truly appreciate your assistance as we continue to push CLA toward being the best middle school in Cleveland!





Sydney Gruhin