Weekly Famly Update

Greetings CLA-EAST Families,

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends during the holiday season. Our staff is excited and ready to receive our scholars and get back to work. 

As we resume this week, I want to remind everyone that our Celebration of Learning will be on Thursday afternoon, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm. Also, scholars will be completing their Math winter MAP testing. Our teachers and staff will work to prepare the scholars for both events. 

Testing reminder: During high-stakes test such is this, it is important to remember the

following essentials: 

1. Get a good meal each night and morning

2. Get a good night’s rest (the night before testing)

3. Arrive at school on time (day of the test)

4. Take time to prepare before testing (restroom, supplies, proper clothing, etc.)

These simple things will increase your scholar’s focus and opportunity to do well on


January is Community Service Month. Scholars and staff are being challenged to complete 1000 hours of community service (collectively). Each grade level will have a day of service designated for just their students and as a school community; we will come together for our annual day of service. On January 20th, we will be partnering with the Salvation Army of East Cleveland for our MLK Day of Service. More details will be sent home closer to the day of service.

Tutoring resumes this week for all scholars who are required to attend due to earning a failing grade in Math and/or Reading on their trimester 1 report card. Tutoring dates for the remainder of the winter session are as follows:

Jan.7, Jan.9, Jan.14, Jan.16, Jan.21, Jan.23, Jan.28, Jan.30, Feb.4, Feb.6

All winter break packets are due this week. Please be sure your scholar completed both the English and Math packets that are to be turned in to their classroom teachers for each subject.

The cultural focus for this week will continue to be the foundational culture-building blocks. Respect, Responsibility and Being Safe will headline our crew curriculum and discussions throughout the week. I invite all families and friends to come to participate in a morning crew with their students and me, Monday thru Thursday from 7:35 am – 8:00 am. 

Scholars return to school on Tuesday, January 7th. 

Please see the list of special events for the month of January. Volunteer sign-up sheets and on-line links will be available next week.

I’m looking forward to another great week…let’s go TIGERS!

Yours in Education,

Ricardo Franklin, Sr.

Founding Principal


Curriculum Updates
MATH Students will continue unit 4 where they are learning more about division and gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of division and how to interpret division situations.   Scholars will be getting back into working with positive and negative rational numbers. They will be solving real-world problems about money and working on word problems, they have both addition and subtractions of positive and negative numbers. Scholars will begin Unit 5: Functions and Volume. They will be introduced to Functions and use tables, equations and graphs to find inputs and outputs.  
SCIENCE Scholars will be moving to their first unit in Physical Science. They will explore atoms, their components and the theories that have led us to our current understandings on how they work. Scholars will being their new unit on Weather and Climate; this week specifically they will be learning background information about the Atmosphere and its effects on Earth. Scholars will be starting their third unit on Life Science. They will begin with learning about the difference between sexual and asexual reproduction
ENGLISH Scholars will continue to engage in a novel study of Bud, Not Buddy, with a focus on character development and the author’s use of language. Students will get to know Bud by looking at the challenges he faces and his response to those challenges. Scholars will begin their fifth unit. In this unit, they will be studying the Harlem Renaissance with one Last Word as their anchor text. This first week will be all about building background knowledge and being introduced to their main novel.   Scholars will identify different characters’ perspectives and explain the effect this has on tone and continue reading the novel the Uprising.
SOCIAL STUDIES Scholars will be starting their “World Religions” unit. Scholars will also tie up any loose ends related to their COL projects to start the week. Scholars will begin their new European Renaissance unit. The week will be an introductory period on what the Renaissance is and how this transformation of thought began.   Scholars will be introduced to their new unit over the Holocaust. Throughout the week they will be discussing the aftermath of World War One and it’s impact on German social life and Hitler’s rise to power.

Operations, Special Events & Updates

  1. 1/7: School resumes (post winter break)
  1. 1/8: Math NWEA (rescheduled date)
  1. 1/20: Annual MLK Day of Service
  1. 1/16: 6th Grade – community service day
  1. 1/22: 7th Grade – field trip. “The Unauthorized Biography Series” at the Ohio Play House
  1. 1/23: 7th Grade – community service day
  1. 1/30: 8th Grade – community service day
  • 2/12: Student-led conferences (PM)
  • 2/13: Student-led conferences (AM) – (No school for scholars)
  • 2/14: No school for scholars
  • 2/17: No school for scholars – Presidents Day
  • 2/27: End of Trimester 2
  • 2/28: No school for scholars – Staff PD Day

Current School data

Attendance – 92.1%   Pass/Fail Rate – 39.0%    Suspension Rate – 7.2%