Weekly Family Update

Greetings CLA-EAST Families,

I hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend despite this being one of the heaviest snowfalls of the winter. Thank you to all of our families for being understanding when it came to us canceling the MLK Day of Service. We will announce the new date late this week for all who plans to attend.

The 7th-grade scholars who met the criteria for attending this week’s fieldwork will be traveling to the Ohio Play House to see “The Unauthorized Biography Series” by Shuan Boothe. Click the link for a full description of the play.

The second trimester is closing quickly. Scholars in need of extra help may still sign-up for afterschool tutoring. Tutoring is an integral part of the direct intervention for scholars who struggle to meet proficiency standards. Scholars who are currently failing Math or English are required to attend. Please check your scholar’s PowerSchool grades to determine if they are required to attend. The following dates are the remaining winter tutoring sessions; Jan.21, Jan.23, Jan.28, Jan.30, Feb.4, Feb.6

An 8th-grade parent meeting is scheduled for the following events are required for all scholars who plan to attend:

  • 8th-grade end of year activities, Graduation, Jr. Prom and Washington DC Trip

– January 23rd at 5:00 pm in room 311

The cultural focus next week will continue to be on attendance and self-discipline. In order for a scholar to be successful in school, they must first be present. We are counting on all of our families to continue the conversations at home regarding the importance of being at school daily. In the area of self-discipline, we will work on lessons from our school’s Habits of Leadership. There will be discussions all week on scholars “controlling their words and actions in all situations”. Scholars will also be rewarded for displaying self-discipline throughout the week. 

I’m looking forward to another great week…let’s go TIGERS!

Yours in Education,

Ricardo Franklin, Sr.

Founding Principal


Curriculum Updates
MATH Scholars will continue with unit 4, dividing fractions. Scholars will continue to work on dividing and multiplying rational numbers. Scholars will gain confidence in their new knowledge for their unit 5 test next Wednesday (1/29) Scholars will continue their unit on Functions and Volume. They are learning how to create and describe graphs of functions. They will take their mid-unit assessment next Tuesday (1/28).
SCIENCE Scholars will learn how to measure mass, volume, and density. Scholars will continue in their new unit on Weather and Climate; this week specifically they will be learning background information about the Atmosphere and its effects on Earth. Scholars will be learning about adaptations, variations, and biodiversity. On Thursday, they will take their first quiz for their life science unit.
ENGLISH Scholars will continue in their novel, “Promise to Keep, The Jackie Robinson Story”. They will also continue working on identifying the main idea of a text and supporting details. Scholars will be continuing their study of the art and poetry created in the Harlem Renaissance era. On Tuesday, scholars will have their first poetry quiz.   Scholars will continue with their  unit over the memoir “Night” by Elie Wiesel with scholars reading and learning about the experience enduring by European Jews during the Holocaust.
SOCIAL STUDIES Scholars will work to finish their 5 paragraph essays about the 3 major Monotheistic religions. Then towards to end of the week, they will dive into Buddhism and Hinduism.   Scholars will continue in their studies of the European Renaissance. They will dive into the art and architecture the era brought forth by completing challenging task in class.  Scholars will focus on the life of German citizens during the reign of Nazi Germany. Scholars will be able to determine the effects of Nazi propaganda on German society.  

Operations, Special Events & Updates

  1. 1/22: 7th Grade – field trip. “The Unauthorized Biography Series” at the Ohio Play House
  1. 1/23: 8th-grade parent meeting. End of year events; Graduation, Jr. Prom, DC trip
  1. 1/23: 7th Grade – community service day
  1. 1/30: 8th Grade – community service day
  • 2/12: Student-led conferences (PM)
  • 2/13: Student-led conferences (AM) – (No school for scholars)
  • 2/14: No school for scholars
  • 2/17: No school for scholars – Presidents Day
  • 2/27: End of Trimester 2
  • 2/28: No school for scholars – Staff PD Day

Current School data

Attendance – 92.1%   Pass/Fail Rate – 39.0% Suspension Rate – 7.2%