Weekly Family Update

Greetings CLA-EAST Families! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I would like to remind everyone that as temperatures drop it is important to remember that scholars are permitted to wear the following to keep warm; official CLAE-Education Is Urgent pull-over, any sweater or cardigan/long sleeve under-shirt or hoodie that is solid black/white/gray/purple. Also, outside coats and jackets are to not be worn inside the classrooms.

After-school tutoring begins this week. All scholars who earned a grade of “F” in either math or ELA during trimester 1 is required to attend after-school tutoring. I met with everyone who is required to attend and provided them with a detailed letter outlining the dates and times. Tutoring is twice per week for each content on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 3:45 pm to 4:30 pm.

This week at CLAE is Spirit Week. All week long, scholars and staff will dress in fun and creative ways. The schedule for spirit week is as follows:

  • Monday = Twin Day
  • Tuesday = Celebrity Day
  • Wednesday = College T-shirt Day
  • Thursday = Dress like a teacher Day
  • Friday = Decade Day. (Dress like you’re in the 70’s-80’s-90’s)

The rescheduled trimester 1 awards program will be Friday, November 22nd at the grade level community meetings (6th-7:45am, 7th-8:25am, 8th-9:05am) Students who earned perfect attendance, high honors, honor roll and most improved will be recognized at the community meeting. Scholars will receive notification of their award on Tuesday in school.

Fieldwork: this week 6th grade will travel to the Cleveland Museum of Art. Students will view art related to the ancient civilizations studied in SS (Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China) plus African art to preview the African Kingdoms study.

As a reminder, to remove unnecessary classroom distractions, we revisited our cell phone collection policy. As students enter the building and prepare for crew, our Dean’s of Students will circulate to each of the crew classrooms to collect all scholars cell phones. Each crew is assigned an individual bin for cell phone collection. Once the phones are collected they are then locked inside a cabinet until the end of the day where they are returned to the crew’s for students to retrieve them before going home for the day.

Please see the list of special events for the month of November and contact the school to sign-up to volunteer.

I’m looking forward to another great week…let’s go TIGERS!

Yours in Education,

Ricardo Franklin, Sr.

Founding Principal


Curriculum Updates
MATH Scholars will continue on their unit on ratios. They will work on identifying and creating equivalent ratios both in practice with numbers and by applying it in the real world sense by doubling and tripling recipes. Scholars will finish Unit 4 and preparing to take the end of unit assessment. Scholars will be finishing their unit 3 End of Unit Assessment. They will then move on to Unit 4; Linear Equations and Linear Systems.
SCIENCE Scholars will finish their unit on Soil and prepare for the unit 2 assessment. Scholars will be finishing up their energy unit. Scholars will be completing a review on Thursday and Friday with their end of Unit Assessment next Monday. Scholars will continue their Earth unit. They will learn about the layers of the earth and how they cause the movement of tectonic plates.
ENGLISH Scholars will be working on, the elements of a strong argument. What does it mean to debate? Also, analyzing the effectiveness of an argument. Students will write, edit, and revise. Students will also, articulate and type.   Scholars will continue their EL unity studying the development of the brain. This week, Students will examine multimedia sources (videos and audio clips) to compare to their information text from last week. On Tuesday, students will complete the first quiz of this unit. Scholars will continue with their unit on the Shirtwaist Factory Fire by reading “Uprising” and discussing the different perspectives of characters as well as the developing themes
SOCIAL STUDIES Scholars will be finishing and presenting their country projects that they worked on last week. They will also start the process of reviewing their Ancient Civilization unit assessment. Scholars will continue their Medieval Agues unity learning about the Black Death. This will prompt scholars to understand the adversity many people lived with during that time while connecting to modern-day issues. Scholars will be analyzing documents over the evolution of workers’ rights during the Industrial Revolution. They will be wrapping up this week with their first unit quiz on Friday

Operations, Special Events & Updates

  1. 11/18: Spirit Week
  1. 11/22: Honors Recognition at Community Meeting
  1. 11/22: Whole School Community Meeting
  1. 11/22: Turkey Jam (school dance/volunteers needed)
  1. 11/23: 1st Annual Turkey Bowl (at Bump Taylor “Glenville” Football Field, 10:00 am)
  1. 11/27-29: NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving)
  1. 12/16-12/20: Spirit Week
  1. 12/19: Winter Celebration of Learning
  1. 12/23-1/3: Winter Break

Current School data

Attendance – 93.1% Pass/Fail Rate – 36.2%    Suspension Rate – 7.2%