Weekly Family Update

Greetings CLA-EAST Families! 

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. This week’s big event is our annual Fathers Walk. In partnership with the Cuyahoga County Fatherhood Initiative, we invite all fathers and father figures to join us Thursday, September 19th at 7:15 am – 7:45 am in the gym. We will have a light breakfast and a quick morning message for all who attend.

This week we will be taking a cultural step-back to reset, re-establish and realign several school norms. Things such as hallway transitions, voice level expectations, restroom usage, and others, are in need of a revisit. Our aim is to allow maximum learning time inside all of our classrooms because we believe Education is Urgent!

September is a tone-setting month in terms of student attendance. Studies show that the more time a child spends in school, the more likely they are to grow academically and a trend towards stronger grades. For those reasons and many more, your scholars must attend school EVERY DAY! Strong attendance habits at the start of the school year translate to strong attendance throughout the entire year.

As we continue to workout the issues we are experiencing with PowerSchool, we encourage all families to contact your scholar’s teachers directly if you have any questions or concerns. All staff can be reached by email (firstname.lastname@citizensleadership.org), by phone (216-532-5900) to schedule an appointment.

Lastly, 8th Grade Families! We have already begun the process of high school transition. A few families have already signed-up for their HS-transition meetings. It is required that all 8th grade families do so. Here is the link for signing-up for your high school transition meeting (8th grade families only). The annual Breakthrough Schools High School Fair is being held on Wednesday, September 25; 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm at Citizens Leadership Academy East.  This is an important event for our 8th grade scholars and their families, as we help guide them to the best, most appropriate high schools after graduation.

I’m looking forward to another great week…let’s go TIGERS!

Yours in Education,

Ricardo Franklin, Sr.

Founding Principal


Curriculum Updates
MATH Scholars will be finishing up unit 1 and having their first test on Wednesday! A review packet will go home on Tuesday night in preparation for the test. Scholars will be starting unit 2 which they will cover proportionality. Scholars will discover what proportionality means in terms of recipes and will recognize how to create tables and equations. Scholars will be applying what they learned about rigid transformation to create tessellation. They will also be reviewing for their UNIT 1 assessment which is WEDNESDAY.
SCIENCE Scholars will transition from learning about minerals to rocks. They will focus on igneous and metamorphic rocks then review materials from the previous week. They will be taking a scientific methods and minerals quiz on FRIDAY! Scholars will continue their work on the Periodic Table. They will also be learning real life applications of the different elements. Scholars will begin their new unit this week while reviewing friction and drag.
ENGLISH Scholars will continue reading the novel, My Name is Parvana while also making inferences about literacy text using specific evidence. Also scholars will be learning how authors develop charters in a story Scholars will take their first quiz on Monday. This will be a reading comprehension quiz; scholars will identify characterization and theme. The rest of the week will be spent reading more short stories from Flying Lessons. Scholars will continue their study of the novel All American Boys shifting their focus from characterization to theme now that they are nearing the end of the novel.
SOCIAL STUDIES Scholars will begin their unit on Afghanistan. They will start the week by examining the geography of Afghanistan and the Middle East. Later in the week they will reflect on the country’s sociopolitical issues, and discuss what life is like for humans living there. Scholars will continue their study of Ancient Rome and the important legacies left behind that still impact us today. In-class discussions about government, religion and significant technologies will occur through the week. This information will be introduced by challenging our scholars to break down and analyze information texts. Scholars will continue their work on Reconstruction. They will also be analyzing first-hand accounts from newly freed slaves.

Operations, Special Events & Updates

  • 9/19 – Fathers Walk (7:15 am – 8:00 am)
  • 9/21 – Girls Volleyball vs. CLA @ 11:00 (game at E-Prep Cliffs)
  1. 10/10 – Student Led Conference (4:00 pm – 7:00 pm)
  1. 10/11 – Student-Led Conference (8:00 am – 12:00 pm)
  1. 10/11 – NO SCHOOL (AM conference day)
  1. 10/14 – 10/18: NO SCHOOL (Fall Break)

Current School data

Attendance – 94.2% Pass/Fail Rate – 55.1%    Suspension Rate – Coming soon