Run, Superman, Run!

Breakthrough Superhero FlyBy

We had an amazing 5-K fundraiser race to benefit our network of charter schools. Not only did many members of our community show up for the run, but the Superhero Community laced up their sneakers, too. Check out the “Defenders of Education,” as they race around Ohio City to raise money for our schools:

Superheroes race through Ohio City for Breakthrough Schools


CLEVELAND, Ohio — Superheroes bounded through the streets of Ohio City on Sunday, raising money for Breakthrough Schools; nine Cleveland non-profit charter schools ranked as the highest-performing in the state.

Running as the “Defenders of Education,” nearly 200 people paid the $25 registration fee and ran the first annual “Breakthrough Schools Superhero Flyby 5k, many dressed in red, white or blue satin capes sewn by volunteer Allison Grampa for the event. Some sleepy-eyed residents coming out to grab their morning paper were amused by the assortment of Supermen, Wonderwomen and Spidermen padding by their front doors.

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