March CLA2HS Newsletter

March 5th , 2014

Dear CLA Students, Parents, Guardians and Families,

Please read the following updates and reminders regarding applications and upcoming events. Remember to notify us as soon as you and your scholar hear from schools and if you receive a letter please send in a copy of the letter (acceptance or denial).

If you are attending a school that requires tuition, please send in a copy of any financial aid information.  This allows us to gather information on the financial reality of private schools so that we are better able to support you, your scholar and future CLA 8th graders.


Cleveland Municipal School District:


If your scholar has not yet been accepted or decided where to go to high school next year and you live in the city of Cleveland, you need to secure their spot for next year.  There are many options within the district for high performing schools as well as some new and innovative schools.  Please contact Ms. Seiter or 216-229-8185 for enrollment papers and suggestions for Cleveland High Schools.



Applications: For those scholars applying to schools requiring applications, families need to contact the schools to ensure that they are still accepting applications.


Once the teacher has completed the form, he or she will turn it into Ms. Seiter.  We will send all necessary documents together in one envelope to the schools.

Financial Aid:

Make sure that you complete the appropriate financial aid applications if you are applying to an independent or private school.


Online Applications:

Horizon Science Academy-

Please notify us as soon as you and your scholar hear from schools.  Please contact me at or 216-229-8185 if you have any questions.



Cassandra Seiter

High School Placement Advisor

Cc:  Shelly Saltzman, Head of School